Ice Racer beats own record running Vapex batteries

As reported from the Wattsup-power Blog:

Jonas Gustavsson just broke broke his previous record! With a recent switch to Vapex branded rechargeable batteries, he was able to increase from 16.6kw to 18kw, with an average speed during the kilometer run of 154kmh.


The Vapex batteries held a higher constant voltage and delivered more power and RPM to the motor than his previous batteries, as well as holding a higher average of 3.55v/cell. The previous years batteries that were utilized were FlightTech 50C 5000 that only held 50v and were also much warmer. Jonas stated that the Vapex were barely warm after a race. Excessive heat in a battery under discharge shows indication of the battery struggling to keep up with the current draw placed upon it.

The only things that Jonas did on the Propster racer for this year was to upgrade the batteries to Vapex 30C 15s3p 5000mAh instead of 50C FlightTech 5000 15s3p. You read that correctly, a lower amperage rated battery outperformed a higher rated pack!

Extra capacitors were also wired to the speed controller, so there is no doubt that the Vapex batteries helped him to get the higher power and speed level to beat his own record. Jonas has made good PR in Swedish motorsport magazines, Swedish TV, on YouTube and on Facebook with this unique prop powered racer and the speed he has been able to squeeze out of his setup.

Did you know that Electronics Warehouse is the leading online retailer in Australia for Vapex rechargeable batteries?
By Michael Nace

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