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Going Camping? Take Along Batteries That Will Outlast The Provisions.

When I was 12, my Father started taking me fishing in the summer to a secluded wilderness fishing camp in the heart of Northern Ontario, Canada. I grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, PA, USA, a metropolis that sits the heart of the most populous region in America. My Dad would say, “Be ready, Mike. We’re going into the bush. No electricity up there.'” Back then, “the bush” didn’t refer to the Australian Outback, but rather a dense, wild, forested landscape where walking more than 50 feet from the camp meant that you’d probably not find your way back.

We travelled 25 hours by car, 7 hours by train into the bush, and 3 hours down a wilderness river to a remote campsite on the top of a breathtaking waterfall. The log cabin we stayed in was as rustic as ever and, though the outfitter was innovative enough to equip this cabin with propane appliances, there was no electricity whatsoever.

Because of this, when we’d plan out our trip, batteries, flashlights, and other portable gadgets were a major focus. Even before the advent of iPods, digital cameras, and the rest of the gadget glut that are now immersed in, we still needed batteries for flashlights, cameras, walkie-talkies, radios, and my trusty cassette tape Sony Walkman.

Little has changed since those days. If you’re going camping – whether in a cabin or tent, regardless of whether or not you have an electrical outlet handy – chances are, you’ll be bringing a slew of gadgets with you that will require a steady diet of batteries. When you go to the supermarket for provisions, however, don’t waste your money or the environment’s health on disposable alkaline batteries. Now, there are plenty of rechargeable battery options on the market today that are safe and reliable enough to perform in even the most demanding outdoor settings. Below are a few “best practices” for integrating rechargeable batteries into your next camping adventure.

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Tech Opinion: Vapex Rechargeable Batteries – Embrace the “Generic”

Ever notice that the “best” brands on the market are always the most expensive ones? There’s a good reason for that – all those advertising dollars have to add up to something. The marketing formula is simple: spend a lot of money telling consumers that your product is the best and, for the most part, they start to believe it. This of course leads to higher sales and, once Madison Aveune sends out their advertising invoice, higher prices.

However, it only takes a quick trip to the supermarket to learn how many generic brands often rival the name-brand goods at a fraction of the price. Everything from breakfast cereal to ice cream has a wide range of retail prices, and for the most part, the price gap exists not because of taste or quality, but because Post Cereal spends a heck of a lot more to market “Boo Berry” than the supermarket spends on their own version of blue-coloured rice puffs. Both products gives you that same blue-coloured cereal milk and smooth, sustained sugar rush – it just depends on whether or not you’re a brand snob who likes looking at that goofy ghost on the front of the box.

"Lance" from Pulp Fiction - embracing the generic "Fruit Brute." Not a brand snob.

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