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Product Review: Uniea’s Omniverse iPad Case

Uniea retro-fits one of their top-selling laptop cases for iPad case duty. But does it live up to expectations?

Uniea's Omniverse iPad case - frontWhen you start researching cases for gadgets, you quickly realize that creativity doesn’t dominate the consumer electronics accessories market. Although there are a myriad of different colors and textures to be found, most iPhone, iPod, and laptop cases utilize the same basic designs.

Moreover, when a new gadget debuts on the market, most case designers simply take an older design and retro-engineer it to fit the new dimensions. A perfect example of this are the current crop of iPad cases. When the iPad debuted, case designers had little time to prepare new case designs. So, they just borrowed their iPhone case designs and made them a little bit bigger. Simply stated, most of these cases are nothing more than overgrown iPhone 3Gs cases.

Uniea, however, started from a different place when it designed its first new iPad case. Rather than drawing from iPhone 3Gs case designs, they looked to their ever-popular Omniverse line of laptop cases, scaling down their 10.2″ netbook case to accomodate the 9.56 inch (242.8 mm)┬áiPad.

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Premium, Protective iPad Case Debuts In Australia

Of all the iPad cases we have reviewed on the market, this one gives the most protection.

Uniea's Omniverse iPad Case - FrontiPad fever has hit Australia. Pound for pound, Australia’s iPad craze has been just as strong as it was in the U.S. and Europe, with a reported 35,000 iPads selling out across Australia in the first weekend it debuted. Apple is quite hush-hush with early sales numbers of its new gizmos, but recently they reported that they have sold 3 million iPads worldwide, and expect to sell 10 million by the end of 2010.

Australia will most definitely continue to be part of that fervour.

Now that many Apple and gadget enthusiasts in Australia have snatched up their new toy, the next step is to load up on accessories. iPad apps make up the “internal” accessories for the breakthrough tablet, but as far as external accessories go, most people are searching for the perfect iPad case. Australia has benefitted in part from the delayed release of the device, since all of the major case manufactures, from Belkin and Case-logic to Griffin and iFrogz, were slow to come out with iPad case designs. However, the late May release of the iPad correlated perfectly with the releases of a new host of iPad cases from all of the major manufacturers.

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A “Tempur-Pedic Mattress” iPad Case for your iPad

Uniea Omniverse iPad CaseIf you’re looking for an iPad case that can seriously protect your iPad from drops, then memory foam is the way to go.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is one of Newton’s laws of Physics that seems to carry over philosophically into nearly every facet of life. The consumer electronics industry is no exception. Whenever Apple exerts themselves to design and produce a new gadget, the electronics accessories market reacts with equal force. Unfortunately, while apple tends to produce exceptional, high-quality gadgets, the same cannot be said for the majority of cases that are made to protect them. Hence, the “equal and opposite reaction” in consumer electronics.

It didn’t take long for the case manufacturers to start pumping out iPad cases. The first round of iPad case designs that debuted in late April and May were mostly just reverse-engineered cases for iPhones and laptops. Thus far, most of these iPad cases, regardless of how flashy and hip they may seem, have been extremely light on offering protection.

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Energizer’s Bid to Dominate the Rechargeable Batteries Market Continues To Falter

Becoming a leader in the rechargeable batteries market has proven elusive for the disposable battery giant.

When most people think “batteries,” Energizer and Duracell are the two brands that usually make the short list. After all, it was these two battery giants that put consumer batteries on the map, essentially becoming the ubiquitous names for what batteries are to the average consumer. Up until recently, the battle for battery supremacy has been fought between these two companies, with Energizer bunnies and Duracell jingles being hurled about in their advertising campaigns like mortar rounds on a battlefield.

The rise of rechargeable batteries, however, has changed the face of battery warefare.

While Duracell has mostly positioned itself to remain in the domain of disposable alkaline batteries, Energizer has made an aggressive bid to corner the market on rechargeable batteries, launching a new line of Energizer NiMH rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, and an equally robust marketing campaign. And yet, even with all this research, development, and marketing, Energizer hasn’t been able to use its brand to push out the leaders in rechargeable battery technology. What gives?

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