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Why You Should Choose Sanyo Eneloop Over Apple’s Rechargeable Batteries

Emperical evidence suggests that the new, hyped Apple rechargeable batteries are actually just the Sanyo Eneloop brand in disguise.

One of the best kept secrets in the world of business today is branding. Companies can buy anything they want, stick their logo on it, and sell it as their own. It happens all the time. As consumers, it is sometimes quite obvious when a product is being branded by the retailer who sells it. Other times, however, it can take you by surprise.

Batteries — and particularly rechargeable batteries — are one of these products.

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5 iPad Accessories That Aren’t a Waste of Money

Most of the iPad accessories out there are pointless at best, and border on being absurd. While apps are probably the best “ipad accessories” you can invest in, there are some physical, tangible accessories that you just shouldn’t go without.

Over the past decade, there has been a growing trend in the computer accessories market, where apps and software are being seen more as “accessories” and the physical, tangible additions to your gadgets are more and more like “novelties.” This is especially true with the iPad. We’ve explored some of the absurd iPad accessories on the market today in an earlier article, acknowledging that the most innovative and useful additions to your iPad will most likely be app-based.

However, we were able to find a few key iPad accessories that do not occupy cyberspace and are actually worth investing in. Here is our quick rundown of 5 iPad accessories that aren’t a complete waste of money:

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Are Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries Already Becoming Obsolete?

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Lithium Ion rechargeable batteries were said to be the next generation of rechargeable batteries and are used in today’s top electronics. But is the new Li-S lithium sulfur rechargeable battery poised to make the LiON obsolete? And are these Li-S rechargeable batteries even safe for the environment?

In case you didn’t notice it, the Lithium Ion rechargeable battery has become the darling of the technology and electronics industry. All of the top mobile devices — including the iPad and Amazon Kindle — utilize LiOn rechargeable battery technology in order to provide long-lasting, sustainable mobile battery power for high-performance gadgets that need a lot of juice for their processing power. Even the NiMH rechargeable batteries used in hybrid electric cars are said to be on the way out as LiON rechargeable batteries will supposedly offer a better charge and longer battery life.

Some even say that LiON rechargeable batteries will even overtake the NiMH rechargeable battery design in the consumer electronics marketplace someday.

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Advanced Apps, Features Minimize Interest in iPad Accessories Market

Aside from iPad cases, you aren’t likely to find a wide range of useful iPad accessories, thanks to an ever-increasing number of innovative apps and features.

Electronics accessories have always been a kind of “micro-market” surrounding the world of computers and gadgets. For every one Apple, HP, or Blackberry, there are literally hundreds of accessories designers and manufacturers, ranging from the predictable to innovative, and from cheap to expensive. It is, to be sure, a parasitic industry that relies on a fresh, steady stream of new gadget wizardry to stay afloat.

However, over the past few years, gadget users have shied away from investing in accessories.

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New, Hyped Up Apple Battery Charger Offers Greener Standby Power Outputs

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Everyone knows that Apple isn’t in the consumer-driven rechargeable battery business — they leave that industry vertical to companies like Sanyo, Vapex, and Panasonic. However, behind the scenes, Apple has invested millions into the R&D of its own in-house rechargeable battery technology. The LiOn rechargeable batteries used in its iPad, iPhone 4, and latest round of MacBooks are unprecedented in how long they can hold their charge and continue to perform an optimum levels. This, of course, is great news for the Apple consumer, since most of Apple’s most popular product are mobile-based.

But just as Ferrari started out as a strictly race-oriented car builder and only eventually got into the street car business, so too has Apple thrown its hat into the consumer rechargeable batteries market, looking to share a slice of the A$ 39 billion dollar pie, which is projected to grow to A$ 56 billion by 2013.

Apple’s new consumer-based NiMH battery charger hit the Australian consumer market just recently and, even though a battery charger is a rather modest piece of technology for the company that brought us the iPad, iPhone 4, and MacBook, it has caused as much of a splash as many of its top-tier gadgets.

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New Battery Boost Battery Charger Makes Up For Sluggish Battery Packs

Image courtesy of GearLog.

Battery chargers are great for keeping rechargeable batteries constantly charged. But for mobile phone rechargeable battery packs that just can’t hold their charge anymore, the Battery Boost is a perfect option.

I’ve waxed poetic before about the benefits of the unheralded USB jack. You gotta love technology that both provides power and can transfer data simultaneously. Although the power-providing side of the USB ports and jacks are still being perfected, there are many upsides to the technology that makes me believe it may one day replace the common household electrical plug and socket.

While we’re not quite there yet, another new USB-based innovation has hit the market in the realm of battery chargers. Technocel’s Battery Boost is a remarkable little portable battery charger that is designed to come to the rescue of mobile phones, digital cameras, or nearly any other portable gadget with a mini USB port and rechargeable battery pack that suffers from a sluggish charge.

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New “iPad Mini” & iPhone 5 Apple Rumors Throw iPad Case Designers Into Panic

Electronics accessories designers have produced hundreds of iPad cases for the burgeoning iPad market. But fresh rumors of a smaller, mini iPad for early 2011 has them scrambling to keep up.

Apple’s announcement of the new iPad in January of 2011 put the electronics accessories designers on red alert. They had very little time to design and produce iPad cases that would work with the iPad, and as a result, many of them simply retro-engineered iPhone 4 cases to work with the iPad. Since that time, most iPad case designers have been playing catch-up with the iPad.

Only now are we starting to see really interesting iPad case designs.

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