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Are NiMH Rechargeable Batteries the Best To Invest In?

There are lots of different types of rechargeable batteries on the market today, making it confusing to know which one is the best. This guide will help you to discover what will work best for your own rechargeable battery needs.

Although rechargeable batteries have been around for quite some time now, it is only over the past decade that their popularity has gone mainstream. From popular brands like Sanyo Eneloop and Energizer to a wide range of generic brands, more and more people are turning to rechargeable batteries for their cost-effectiveness and eco-friendly nature.

But if you’re looking to invest in rechargeable batteries for the first time, how can you tell which ones are the best ones in quality and performance? While NiMH rechargeable batteries are most definitely the most popular type on the market today, there are actually quite a few different rechargeable battery chemistries. The following guide will give you all the information you need to find out if NiMH rechargeable batteries are indeed the best choice.

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Is The Extra Up-front Cost of NiMH Rechargeable Batteries Worth It?

Changing your battery-buying habits from disposable to rechargeable seems like a great idea to many people — until they see the price tag for rechargeable batteries. Is the extra up-front cost a worthy investment?

Everyone knows that buying batteries is a painful process — if you want to invest in a premium battery, you’re going to pay a high price. But because we have been buying batteries for our entire lives, the price of alkaline batteries are a known quantity; we accept the hefty cost because, after all, they help power the gadgets, cameras, and toys that are important to us.

But if you’ve been reading up on the benefits of rechargeable batteries, you might be ready to cease buying wasteful, environment-killing alkalines and invest in a few sets of high-quality NiMH rechargeable batteries, such as the Sanyo Eneloop brand.

If so, be prepared to pay a lot more for batteries.

Before you experience the shock of the higher cost of NiMH rechargeable batteries, here are the facts that you need to know before making the investment. I hope you’ll read on, since these facts are key to making the right decision when it comes to investing in NiMH rechargeable batteries and battery chargers.

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New Energizer 15-minute NiMH Battery Charger Cooks Rechargeable Batteries

The new Energizer 15-minute NiMH Battery Charger may be the fastest on the market, but quality and safety are a big concern.

When shopping for a new NiMH battery charger, there are plenty of different factors to consider, and we’ve addressed a lot of them in a previous article on our blog. But all in all, the biggest feature when it comes to rechargeable batteries and NiMH battery chargers is charge time; the faster you can charge up your rechargeable batteries, the better.

For years, so-called “fast chargers” have gotten faster and faster, with some AAA and AA battery charger models now able to complete a charge in as little as 4 hours or so. However, Energizer’s new and ultra-fast AA battery charger represents the new “muscle car” in the world of NiMH battery chargers, charging up AA and AAA rechargeable batteries in 15 minutes flat.

The question is, how fast is too fast when it comes to NiMH battery chargers?

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Sanyo Eneloop Continues Its Big News: New “XX” Rechargeable Batteries to Debut in Europe

For months we’ve been reporting on Sanyo Eneloop’s recent rash of new products and developments, some of which are novel, while others are just plain bizarre. Their most recent announcement — the release of the new Sanyo Eneloop AA-sized “XX” rechargeable batteries — lies somewhere in between “brilliant” and “bizarre,” to be sure.

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