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A Beginner’s Guide To Everything You Need to Know About RC Cars and Trucks

RC bnatteriesMany people are interested in RC cars and trucks, but they don’t know where to start.

The first thing you need to know about RC cars, is there are three main types available. There is electric, nitro/gas, and truck that is available in electric or nitro. The RC cars you get at a regular store are called “toy grade” and the ones you purchase on a website are called “hobby grade.” Beginners and professionals alike can use hobby grade cars because they are built to last longer than the toy grade cars.

You can purchase an RC car that is RTR (ready-to-run) or an assemble it yourself kit. Many believe that RTR cars are slower than assemble-it-yourself cars. However, RTR vehicles can reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour and come in nitro-fueled and electric powered types. If you want to go the assemble-it-yourself route, you should purchase a car that is fully customizable. Some brands to look at are; Tamiya, Kyosho, Team Losi, HPI Racing, and Team Associated. Home users and professional RC drivers use brands like these all the time.

RTR vehicles are good for beginners, but sooner or later, you will have to replace something on the vehicle. You might run into some problems because you aren’t too familiar about where certain parts go. If you start out with an assemble-it-yourself, you will know where parts go and it will be easier to replace parts when the time comes. Continue reading ‘A Beginner’s Guide To Everything You Need to Know About RC Cars and Trucks’


HDMI Cable Confusion For Consumers & The Answers You’re Looking For

hdmi cable 1HDMI cables can be quite expensive, but some researchers are saying most HDMI cables are the same.

In case you didn’t know, the “HDMI” in HDMI cables stands for high definition multimedia Interface. With this one cable, you replace so many cables that would need to be plugged in to your devices. HDMI does indeed make the quality of picture on your T.V. much better, and it is so easy to connect once you purchase it.

The setup is the easiest part when it comes to that pesky cable. The most difficult part is the choosing of the cable. When purchasing a new T.V. or a new blu-ray player, the associate will then direct you to the HDMI cable section. This is where you will lose your mind if you don’t come armed with the right information.

Continue reading ‘HDMI Cable Confusion For Consumers & The Answers You’re Looking For’


Sanyo Recharges the Eneloop: What You Need to Know

sanyo eneloop nimh rechargeable batteriesSanyo continues to recreate the revolutionary Eneloop rechargeable battery.

From its beginnings, the Sanyo Eneloop was revolutionary because it was one of the first NiMH rechargeable batteries that came charged right out of the packaging, making it ready to use immediately after purchasing it. It also lasted longer than other lackluster battery brands on the market, making it the first truely “premium” rechargeable battery brand/

The all new Sanyo Eneloop is now even stronger and lasts even longer — it is now rechargeable up to 1500 times. To top that, the Eneloop can be stored for three long years and they’ll still retain 75% of its capacity. You can even use Sanyo Eneloops in freezing cold temperatures.

Now for the technical aspects; The Mignon-eneloop (AA) has a 2000 mAh capacity and the Micro-eneloop (AAA) has an 800 mAh capacity. For all the green, tree-saving rechargeable battery users out there, these batteries are factory pre-charged using solar energy in Japan using photovoltaic generation. This gives the eco warriors of the world an added incentive to invest in Sanyo Eneloop: even the charge on these instant rechargeable batteries do not contribute to the world’s “carbon footprint.”

In addition, the Sanyo Eneloop is the most cost-effective rechargeable battery design for the average consumer to use compared to other NIMH rechargeable batteries. Not only is it more powerful, but it is also much more cost efficient. With normal alkaline batteries, you have to replace them every other couple months. The Eneloop can last for up to ten years! Now for me, I’d rather pay a few more dollars to get rechargeable batteries that I won’t need to swap out every month. Each time you charge your Eneloop batteries, it only costs 4 cents.

Continue reading ‘Sanyo Recharges the Eneloop: What You Need to Know’


HDMI Goes Mobile

hdmi mobileOne of the most notable dreams in technology has been the seamless integration between computer, television, telephone, and home theater system. With the availability of digital media a new way to transfer and use High Definition video and audio has been moving onto mobile devices, allowing HDMI connections for Smartphones and digital cameras as well as laptop computers and tablet PCs.

Initially the inclusion of mobile HDMI ports onto phones and cameras seemed a niche concept. Transferring video from another source to the tiny screens on phones and tablets seemed unnecessary, while the HDMI output from these devices was often grainy and didn’t convert into true High Definition. As the display capabilities improved and the pixilation of both cameras and phones were increased to record in high definition, internal hard drives also grew. They became capable of carrying the necessary capacity and HD became much more viable as a use with the small devices. All of it carried on a single cable connection between the phone or camera and a High Definition television.

Many Smartphones are able to utilize the highest in HDMI definition, able to broadcast in full 1080i / 1080p with full surround sound to go with the eye popping picture density. They can stream directly from the phone onto the television screen, making shooting home videos instantaneous and turning a Smartphone into nothing less than a professional grade recording device that transforms Christmas morning into a blockbuster affair. Continue reading ‘HDMI Goes Mobile’

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