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Digital Camera Batteries: How Many Do You Need?

digital camera batteriesHigh-end digital cameras often comes with a digital camera battery pack. But if you’re an avid photographer, you cannot assume that one of them is enough.

Digital cameras that use AA or AAA rechargeable batteries offer camera users a wonderful option for saving a lot of money. But if you’re looking to invest in a high-end digital camera, you’ll often find that the camera itself comes with a proprietary digital camera battery pack that takes the place of traditional AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. To be sure, digital camera batteries like these tend to be high-quality, and they make recharging easy, since you can often charge them while in the camera itself, or in a proprietary charger.

There’s no doubt that the LiON digital camera batteries that are used in digital camera battery packs are high-quality and high-performance. But is one digital camera battery pack enough for your photo-taking needs?

It really depends on the digital camera, battery pack, and your level of enthusiasm for photography. As a rule, digital camera batteries discharge whether you are taking a photos or not. For this reason, you could take 300 photos with a camera battery pack one day, recharge it, and then only be able to take 100 photos with the same pack over the course of using the camera over the course of a week. Ironically, if you’re taking lots of photos in a shorter amount of time, you’re likely to get more endurance out of a fully charged digital camera battery pack than you are if you’re using it on and off over the course of a long duration.

It also depends on the digital camera.

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Canon Digital Camera Batteries Among Highest Quality In Industry

Canon digital camera batteriesThe world’s leading digital camera company also continues to lead when it comes to making digital camera batteries. Read why Canon digital cameras are a worthy investment based on their batteries alone.

In this world of mobile electronics, one thing is for certain: mobile gadgets are only as good as the rechargeable batteries that are in them. That is an obvious truth when it comes to laptops, smartphones, and tablet computers, but it’s also true for digital cameras as well. Few people realise the amount of processing power and energy needed to snap a digital photo — that is, until they see their batter power draining by the second.

Many digital cameras on the market today allow users to utilise AA and AA rechargeable batteries, which makes it easy to charge up a few rounds of battery power for an extend day of photography. But there are just as many digital camera manufacturers who opt for a proprietary digital camera battery instead. Usually accompanied by a proprietary battery charger, the perception is that a battery pack is always a more high-quality option than using AA rechargeable batteries. But that is not always the case — even digital camera batteries can offer lackluster power performances.

cannon batteries

Fortunately for Canon digital camera users, their battery packs are just as high quality as their cameras.

All of the Canon digital camera batteries feature next-generation LiON rechargeable battery technology — the same kind used in Apple products and most smartphone devices. While NiMH is still the gold standard used in AA and AA rechargeable batteries, LiON is fast becoming the technology of choice for high-end mobile electronics — and Canon has been sure to invest in this technology for all of its top-end digital cameras and camcorders.

Ranging from 1050 mAh to as high as 1800 mAh, the Canon digital camera batteries offer some of the highest capacity on the market today. In addition, their battery packs can be charged up to 1000 without suffering from the dreaded “memory effect” that other cheaper digital camera batteries suffer from. Together with the fact that Canon digital camera batteries are environmentally friendly, with no Mercury, Cadmium or Lead, they offer avid photographers and camera enthusiasts a great solution for getting the most out of their Canon digital cameras.

The only problem with Canon digital camera batteries is that Canon only gives you one of them with your new digital camera. For as much as they offer unparalleled performance, if you’re planning on doing a lot of photography, you’ll most definitely want to charge up one or two spare battery packs. This is especially true if you’re going to be shooting a lot of video, since it uses considerably more power than snapping photos.

What’s remarkable is that you can now pick up spare digital camera batteries that work flawlessly with Canon digital cameras ranging from AUD $20 to $40, depending on your digital camera model. It’s a small price to pay for doubling down on your battery power!

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Sanyo Eneloop AA Battery Chargers Lead the Market In Quality, Features

Sanyo Eneloop‘s industry leading AA rechargeable batteries are only rivaled by their accompanying AA battery chargers. Take a look at two of the leading models of Sanyo Eneloop AA battery chargers on the market today.

When investing in rechargeable batteries, buying the batteries themselves is only the beginning: while you may need to invest in dozens of batteries for whatever battery-dependent hobby of yours may be, it is important to not overlook the importance of a high-quality battery charger. Fortunately for the consumer, most of the top rechargeable battery companies not only sell batteries in packs, but also in tandem with battery chargers as well.

Particularly if you’re looking to invest in AAs, you’ll want to take a look at Sanyo Eneloop’s products. Sanyo Eneloop is by far the product leader in the consumer rechargeable battery industry. Just to give you an idea of how solid they are: Apple uses Sanyo Eneloop for their own apple-branded batteries for some of their battery-powered peripherals. Continue reading ‘Sanyo Eneloop AA Battery Chargers Lead the Market In Quality, Features’

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