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The Canon EOS C300 Cinema Camera: DSLR Straddles Hollywood & Photo Enthusiasts

Canon EOS C300 Cinema CameraAs DSLRs quickly become more accessible to the average user, Canon develops a new, high-level DSLR camera that doubles as nimble video camera that lives up to Hollywood standards.

Since the advent of photography and the motion picture, picture taking and making has always been an exclusive and expensive hobby, limited by the expense of the equipment needed to compose and produce fine images. Whereas a master painter can use the same, inexpensive set of oil paints and canvas as an amateur and produce a fine work of art, the quality and impressiveness of photography and film making depends in large part on the quality of the technology used to produce it.

Fortunately for the photo enthusiast, however, the exclusivity of photo technology has diminished over the years, becoming increasing company, feature-rich, and affordable. We’ve seen this most recently with the rise in popularity of high end smartphones with 8 megapixel camera sensors, as discussed in another blog article. The result has been a shift in the DSLR market, wherein entry models are becoming more affordable, so that the amateur photographer who prefers their smartphone for taking snapshots can now afford a higher-end DSLR.

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Enter Our Monthly Giveaway: Win an Ansmann Battery Charger!

ansmann energy 8 plus battery chargerJust in time for Christmas — enter our FREE, no purchase necessary monthly giveaway and win an Ansmann Energy 8 Plus battery charger, plus 4 AA NiMH Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries. It’s really easy to enter!

As you may know, the Electronics Warehouse blog is one of the most read blogs in Australia covering news and reviews about rechargeable batteries, battery chargers, and other electronics. But what you may not know is that, every time you leave a comment on our blog, you get entered to win a great prize!

It’s all part of our ongoing monthly giveaway. Each month, we tally up all of our followers on Twitter and Facebook, as well as all of our blog comments and product reviews, and use to choose a winner.

This month, we’re giving away an Ansmann Energy 8 Plus battery charger

Ansmann is a leading brand for rechargeable batteries and battery chargers in the world today: they are well-known for their quality and performance. The charger we’re giving away — pictured above — retails for AUD$110. You can check it out here.

If you’d like to enter for this month’s giveaway, be sure to leave a comment here, under this article, or read about all of the other ways you can enter on our Facebook page.

Thanks, and good luck to you!


Are Smartphones Killing the Digital Camera Market?

digital cameraSLR digital cameras still offer serious photographers the best quality, performance, and features for serious digital photography. But with the increased popularity of smartphones, will they eventually kill the digital camera market?

Strange as it may seem, the most popular digital camera these days isn’t make by Nikkon, Canon, or Pentax. Apple makes the most popular digital camera — it’s called the iPhone.

PC World originally reported on the phenomenon way back in June, when Flickr announced that the iPhone was responsible for taking and uploading more photos on their photo sharing website than any other device: “Apple’s iPhone 4 is officially the most popular camera on Flickr, according to stats from the site.The data is based on the types of devices members use to upload photos to Flickr. The iPhone 4’s five-megapixel camera recently leapfrogged the Nikon D90 to become Flickr’s top camera. Besides the D90, the iPhone 4 tops the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, the Canon EOS Digital Rebel XSi, and the Canon EOS Rebel T1i respectively.”

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Give the Green Gift Of Sanyo Eneloop AA & AAA NiMH Battery Chargers

Read about the full details regarding on getting the most out of your batteries using the Sanyo Eneloop NiMH battery chargers.

Meet the Sanyo Eneloop AA AAA NiMH Battery Charger. Like most other similar chargers, it can only charge certain kinds of batteries. However, it comes with 4 AA Sanyo batteries that you can charge with the device. It is clearly stated that is not to be used for any other brand of batteries. This might be an issue for some, but in the end, it will be saving most money in the long run.

Now, it does take a while to do a full charge, with 10 hours for AA (2 or 4) and eight hours for AAA. Despite all that, it does not overheat and makes a viable option for those who do not want a risk to start a fire. They do keep a low temperature of around 0 to 35°C.  For the full specs, you can read them below.
Charge 2 or 4 AA Eneloop

10 Hours.2 or 4 AAA Eneloop – 8 hours.

  • Input Power Supply: 240
  • VAC: 50H.
  • Size: 75mm (w) x 40mm (d) x 118mm (h)
  • Weight: 230g (without batteries)
  • Temperature Range: 0°C to 35°C

Perhaps the real gem with this item is the price. At only AU$32.99, it is a good deal when compared to spending $10 twice a month on a new pack of batteries. Within two months, you will make your investment back and then some. Plus you cannot go wrong with it being a green solution to the global warming.

It also makes a good gift for those seeking new batteries all the time or those who want to be green.

The real highlight of this product is the ease of use. Just pop the batteries in, and plug it into the socket. Voila, you have your batteries taking their charge. It is simple enough for even those who are unsure about most technology, but also advance enough to please the technological advance people. All in all, the Sanyo Eneloop AA AAA NiMH Battery Charger is a great option for those who are sick of buying new batteries.

Thanks for reading our article! Did you know that Electronics Warehouse is one of the leading online Australian retailers of Sanyo Eneloop NiMH Battery Chargers? Be sure to check out our wide selection. Plus, as an added bonus, use promo code EWBLOG for 10% off your entire purchase, just for reading this article! Act now!


Does NiZn Really Outperform NiMH Rechargeable Batteries?

PowerGenix NiZn Rechargeable Batteries

PowerGenix NiZn Rechargeable Batteries

NiZn rechargeable batteries claim to have higher capacity and longer life than NiMH rechargeable batteries. But for the extra cost, are they really worth it?

If you’re a digital camera, gadget, or electronics enthusiast, then you know that the rechargeable battery market never stands still — there is always a new kind of battery technology seeking to replace the status quo. For years, NiCd dominated the rechargeable battery landscape, until NiMH offered a higher quality, more eco-friendly replacement. And for quite a long time, NiMH has remained the standard for most consumer-based rechargeable batteries. Even many hybrid automobiles use NiMH rechargeable batteries.

In recent years, however, LiON batteries have come into vogue, particularly for high-profile gadgets like SLR digital cameras, some of which take AA batteries instead of digital camera battery packs. AA LiON batteries, however, are often not offered as rechargeable, meaning that camera hobbyistys and professionals alike run into the age-old problem of constantly having to invest in disposable batteries again, or otherwise using NiMH rechargeable batters for cameras that call for LiON.

A new kind of rechargeable battery technology, however — NiZn — has sought to replace NiMH rechargeable batteries as the next step toward the output of LiON. PowerGenix has come out with the first mainstream NiZn rechargeable batteries and battery charger, claiming big claims against standard NiMH rechargeable batteries. According to Steve’s Digicams, a reliable website on battery technology, “Their unique NiZn (Nickel-Zinc) batteries offer better voltage output when compared to NiMH rechargeable cells at about 1.6 volts (NiMH average around 1.2V). This means NiZn cells can deliver more than 0.4V of additional voltage (about 30% more than NiMH), whether at open circuit or under load.” As a result, PowerGenix says that you get higher power density in a smaller, lower-cost package, and in the end, they outperform NiMH rechargeable batteries.

But is this really the case?

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