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Do Solar-Powered Battery Chargers Really Work?

solar battery chargerWhen you’re out in the bush with no access to electricity, having plenty of rechargeable batteries on hand can be a matter of life and death. But a new crop of solar-powered consumer battery chargers are claiming to give campers and outdoorsmen the ability to recharge in the middle of nowhere. read about whether or not solar power can really give your batteries the boost they need.

There’s no doubt that solar power has been making its way into the rechargeable battery market for some time now. In response to the age-old problem of mobile phone batteries going dead at the worst times possible, many mobile phone battery companies have attempted manufacturing replacement batteries with solar panels of their backs, allowing users to leave their phone out in the sun to give it an emergency charge. While the reviews for these batteries are spotty at best, the idea in an of itself remains attractive to consumers, so much so that there have even been rumors that Apple’s iPhone could someday get the technology.

Now, however, we are beginning to see solar-powered battery chargers of consumer-based rechargeable batteries creep into the marketplace. Are these battery chargers any more reliable?

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Smart Battery Chargers the Only Safe, Effective Way to Discharge NiMH Rechargeable Batteries

It is widely known that discharging a NiMH rechargeable battery is the best way to ensure lasting quality. What this means is, essentially, using up the battery’s life before using the battery charger to recharge it. This is the suggested method for recharging these batteries because the battery will adjust itself according to the amount of charge given. If, for example, you use your battery charger for recharging when you have only used 50% of the volts, your battery will ultimately run down more quickly in the future. Instead of doing this, you want to allow your NiMH rechargeable battery to run down almost fully before using a battery charger to charge it. Then, when you do charge it, you want to be sure to charge it fully.
This can be tricky, however, because it is also recommended to not let the battery actually run down to the point that it dies, but to instead use your battery charger when it has used 99% of its capacity. If you don’t catch it before then, the battery will run down to a lower point, which can also create damage known as cell reversal. This occurs anytime a battery discharge has been allowed to occur beyond the cut-off voltage point. If the battery is under a heavy load when this happens, even further damage can occur. So how do you know when is the right time to charge it?

New Vapex Battery Charger Delivers On Features & Value

vapex battery chargerRechargeable battery users often have to choose between a value-priced battery charger with few features, or a feature-rich charger with a big price tag. But Vapex‘s new battery charger delivers on both.

The good thing about the rechargeable battery market is that most of the top manufacturers make it easy for people to get started on their battery collection by offering low-priced battery chargers. you’ve seen them before: those reasonably-priced starter packs, which usually include 4 AA rechargeable batteries and a very basic slow charger, usually with a simple LED indicator to let you know when the batteries are done charging. It’s a good business model for the big NiHM rechargeable battery companies like Sanyo Eneloop, Vapex, and Energizer: since the battery charger is the most expensive up-front investment, make a cheap one to onboard new users.

But it doesn’t take long before most users grow tired of the slow, uneven charges that some of these start battery chargers deliver.

Particularly if you depend on rechargeable batteries for serious photography, powering portable gear for outdoor activities, or other critical battery tasks, you quickly realize that having a high-performance battery charger is critical. These types of battery chargers — known as “smart chargers” or “battery conditioners” — offer a much higher eshelon of features and performance: they charge each battery individually, charge 8+ batteries at once, condition each battery, conduct discharges if needed, and give you an individual LED readout of each battery’s progress. In essence, these smart chargers are like 8 chargers in one — one for each battery.

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Canon Going Strong in the Digital Camera World

In days gone by, if you wanted a great camera that would provide you with the best high quality pictures, you trusted the Kodak brand for your camera, your photo paper, and anything else related to photographs. This is no longer the case, however, and Kodak has had a hard time competing with the many different companies as the photography methods have changed into a digital world. While they do still offer great options, the competition is stiff. One such company is Canon, which offers a variety of digital camera options. Not only does Canon offer many different styles of digital cameras, but they are successfully creating and offering new digital camera options all the time. In the first part of 2012, for example, they are launching three new Canon Powershot digital cameras.

While Canon is offering new digital camera options, Kodak is being forced to file bankruptcy. Their cameras are great, but they have always been the high-end camera, and they have had a hard time competing in the digital world. Canon, however, offers many different levels of digital camera, appealing to a broader market including new photographers as well as more serious. While Kodak will likely survive these hard times, offering more styles of digital cameras at a lower price will be their only hope. Being competitive in offer replacement digital camera batteries and other accessories will also be key. Beyond that, they may end up continuing to restructure to focus more on printing than on the digital cameras themselves.

Along with many options of Canon digital cameras being available, with new ones steadily being introduced to the market, this brand of camera is typically the easiest to find replacement batteries for. Although many digital cameras will include rechargeable batteries with the camera, these batteries can wear down over time, and you will need to replace them. With Canon digital camera rechargeable batteries, replacements are more readily available than other brands. Not only do these replacement digital camera batteries come in handy if your battery will no longer hold a charge, but it is also a great idea to always have a second fully charged battery on hand. This is particularly true if you will be on a vacation or at an event where you know you will be using your Canon digital camera for a long period of time, possibly resulting in a dying battery before you are done taking pictures.

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