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Discovering the Power of the New iPad 3 Battery


Although a variety of companies were in competition to be the provider of the new battery for the New iPad for Apple, it appears there is only one maker currently that could meet the needs of the new device. Read on to learn which company it is, and the interesting facts about the battery itself.

Just as there were many people waiting on the edge of their seats for the release of the new iPad for their personal use, there were some people waiting just as excitedly to be able to take it apart and discover the secrets of the inner workings and its design. Shortly after the New iPad was released, the experts at iFixit were ready and willing to tear down the device and see what type of battery had been designed to power the new features. The new retina display and other additional features in the New iPad 3 would require much more battery power than the previous iPad 2. The tricky part of designing this rechargeable battery with longer life is that Apple did not want to create a much thicker device. After all, they took great pains to make a much smaller edition than the original when they came out with the second edition. Continue reading ‘Discovering the Power of the New iPad 3 Battery’


Government Energy Agencies Crack Down Again On Battery Chargers

Sanyo Eneloop AA AAA Ni-MH Battery ChargerRechargeable batteries and their battery chargers are regarded as a bastion of eco awareness and a way to decrease energy consumption. Why are more and more government agencies around the world cracking down on battery chargers?

In a never-ending attempt to whittle down the world’s energy consumption, many energy agencies throughout the world continue to impose strict energy standards on electronic products. Perhaps the most pervasive energy agency in the world today is the United States’ Department Of Energy, which regulates energy consumption and standards for a wide range of power-consumption interests in the U.S.. Most notably, they have the power to impose standards on imported electronics’ power usage, which is turn forces manufacturers in Asia to tweak their electronics’ designs.

We’ve already reported on several recent moves by governing bodies in both Australia and the U.S. to regulate battery chargers. Most recently, the DOE passed a stringent set of new battery charger regulations that could severely affect the cost and design of battery chargers as we know them today. According to the NRDC, an environmental watchdog group, the new regulation will affect “products and gadgets such as cordless phones and cell phones, laptops, power tools, electric toothbrushes etc [that] use rechargeable batteries to support user mobility and convenience, making our lives easier, more productive and fun.” Continue reading ‘Government Energy Agencies Crack Down Again On Battery Chargers’


Universal Battery Chargers Benefit the Environment and Your Pocketbook


There are a variety of reasons people opt to use rechargeable batteries, and the top three reasons are convenience, saving money, and saving the environment. By using battery chargers, and recharging your batteries, you can accomplish all three of these tasks at the same time, at least in a small way. Read on to learn more about how this small investment can make a difference, as well as learn more about universal battery chargers, that are a great choice and increase these benefits.

Battery chargers offer convenience – By using a battery charger for any size battery, you will never have to worry about batteries dying just at the wrong moment, only to discover you are out of replacements. Instead, you simply have to recharge your existing batteries and then you will be able to continue using whatever device you need, whether it’s a toy, a remote, a video game controller, or any other item. By having a battery charger on hand, you ensure you very rarely have to actually replace the physical batteries themselves, which provides convenience along with many other benefits. If you choose a universal battery charger, you will experience even greater convenience, because this one device will be able to charge all your popular battery sizes.
Battery chargers save you money – Considering that the average rechargeable battery can be recharged a minimum of several hundred times, the cost per usage goes down to mere pennies when you opt for this type of battery. Even though the cost of a battery charger is a larger upfront expense, this money is  quickly earned back when you don’t have to purchase new batteries throughout the year. If you opt for a universal battery charger, you will save even more money, because you will only be investing in one device that can charge the majority of your batteries.  Continue reading ‘Universal Battery Chargers Benefit the Environment and Your Pocketbook’

More Solar-Powered Battery Chargers Pop Up, But Are They Just a Gimmick?

solar battery chargerIn a bid to capitalise on the green movement, or perhaps just trying to be cool, designers are creating more and more solar powered battery chargers for average consumers. But are these so-called “green” battery chargers serious electronics, or just a gimmick?

Last week, we outlined a new solar powered battery charger that seemed to offer some degree of serious charging for NiMH rechargeable batteries. Even on that model, which comes equipped with premium features tat you would find on a typical electricity-powered smart charger, we questioned its effectiveness. After all, it has been proven that battery chargers that run off of USB power don’t come close to charging as efficiently, evenly, and completely as a battery charger on AC power. If that’s the case, then how could solar power manage to effectively charge a NiMH rechargeable battery?

Well, it would appear that solar technology is slowly becoming a mainstream reality for battery chargers; it isn’t just for the hard core survivalist or outdoorsman.

Continue reading ‘More Solar-Powered Battery Chargers Pop Up, But Are They Just a Gimmick?’

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