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Ansmann Battery Charger Review Round-up: Ansmann Energy 8

Ansmann Energy 8 plus battery charge

A couple of weeks ago, we posted an article about the Ansmann line of rechargeable batteries and chargers as a kind of introduction to the brand here in Australia. While you can get Ansmann products here, they certainly aren’t as easy to find as Sanyo Eneloop, Energizer, and other top brands. The more digging we’ve done into the Ansmann brand, the more we’re liking what we read and hear about them.

There’s no doubt that their line of rechargeable batteries appear to be really solid, and offer performance, quality, and features that are not unlike that of Sanyo Eneloop. But that is for a different article. What we really want to talk about in this article is the  Ansmann Energy 8-Plus battery charger which, from all accounts across the tech media spectrum, is just about the best battery charger you buy on the market today for its price point. Read all about what we — and others — have to say about it. Continue reading ‘Ansmann Battery Charger Review Round-up: Ansmann Energy 8’

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