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Batteries Powered By Movement

batteries powered by motionKinetic watches are nothing new. They are timepieces that translate the everyday motions of a person into magnetic energy that can be stored for up to six months. They were exciting back in 1986, but anymore, the conversion of motion into energy is a trick that we’ve seen again and again.

While kinetic watches and similar devices might be old news, full-blown Li-Ion batteries that be recharged just by bending and flexing are certainly new on the scene. Their process is entirely different – and more efficient – from anything ever released before. They also have far-reaching connotations that could mean that human curiosity will have a new ally in long-range exploration, be it in outer space or under the sea.

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The Incredible, Paintable Battery

paint-on batteryThe discovery of the electron as a part of every atom of every element was initially seen as a complete waste of time. It had, on the surface, no practical application. Now, we live in a world that runs on electricity, and devising new ways to harness the power of the “worthless” electron is a billion dollar industry. Every company that works in the mobile and rechargeable power field is tirelessly searching for ways of capturing and storing energy.

Recently a group of mechanical engineers released a paper to Nature Scientific Reports that shows the little cell shapes that we typically think of as batteries could be broken down into their component structures and rendered liquid, allowing them to be applied to any surface and still work with the same efficacy that can be seen in our standard rechargeable batteries.

This liquifying process could make it so that batteries do not have to hold a particular shape or be a particular size. It could make them fully malleable and permit them to adhere to objects – such as solar panels – helping to resolve the problem of energy storage that has plagued many kinds of renewable energy. Continue reading ‘The Incredible, Paintable Battery’


Rumor: iPhone 5 Rechargeable Battery Leaked, But Will It Have Enough mAh?

iphone-5-rechargeable-battery-leakUsers have complained that the iPhone 4S’s battery was underpowered. Now, a purported leaked iPhone 5 rechargeable battery pack shows that its capacity has increased only marginally. Will it be enough to power the iPhone 5’s rumored, new features?

Ever since the iPhone 4S was released, Apple fans have been waiting with bated breath to see any tidbit of news about what the iPhone 5 would be like. As always, Apple has been tight-lipped about their development program. We have been getting releases in drips and drabs, which we consumed with the fervor of true fans. The latest news on the iPhone 5 has shown us the back plate of the device, as well as the projections for the battery. They have us a little concerned.

There is no denying the new iPhone 5 battery pictures make it look slick and sleek, which is happy news. The problem is that the capacity rating is only 1440 mAh. This is only a 10 mAh improvement over the 4S, which has a solid 1430 mAh, which was also a 10 mAh jump from the iPhone 4’s 1420 mAh.

Don’t misunderstand, 1440 is a fine mAh rating for a rechargeable, and should give it a reasonable amount of talk / web time. Our worry is that it will not be enough for the new 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks that Verizon and AT&T are using, which are huge power drains. With these 4G LTE networks sucking the life out of every phone, 1440 hardly seems like enough juice to keep going all day. Continue reading ‘Rumor: iPhone 5 Rechargeable Battery Leaked, But Will It Have Enough mAh?’


Iron-Air Energy May Mean Greener Batteries And Cleaner Power

iron-air battery technologyThe move to green energy sources has made enormous strides forward in creating new ways to power our homes, our cars, our offices, our neighborhoods, our cities, and our world. They have changed the way that people think about power, and that means changing the way that power is stored.

An Efficient Means of Storage is Needed

Many of the low-emission, nature-friendly forms of renewable, inexhaustible, and environmentally conscious energy sources are only truly useful if the sun is shining, the wind is blowing, the rain is falling or the tide is rolling in. When these things are happening, then the devices used to create a charge – such as solar panels and turbines – are running beyond full capacity and operating with energy to spare. The problem arises when darkness falls across the land, doldrums settle over the field of windmills, or a drought strikes. What is needed then is a surplus of energy that is stored for later use when the conditions were good. Without sufficient power storage devices energy is wasted and we are reduced to using fossil fuels, natural gasses, and the other archaic, filthy energy sources that have been around since the industrial revolution.

In an earlier blog, we spoke about some of the emerging rechargeable battery technologies that will be available in the future. These included Sodium Ion rechargeable batteries that are intended for use with power grids that specifically use green energy such as solar and wind. These batteries did not have a true release date, so they may be years away. Meanwhile the Earth continues to suffer simply because we cannot store the potential energy that we are harnessing with our alternative power arrays.

To help combat this, the University of Southern California in the United States has recently unveiled their new Iron-Air batteries. Continue reading ‘Iron-Air Energy May Mean Greener Batteries And Cleaner Power’

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