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Will The Cost Of Rechargeable Batteries Eventually “Skyrocket?”

expensive rechargeable batteries

Rechargeable batteries are touted as environmentally friendly and a cost-effective means of energy. But could future regulations make them more expensive to consumers?

If you read any best practices guides to either living a free lifestyle and/or saving money on energy, rechargeable batteries are bound to turn up on both lists. It is well documented that traditional alkaline batteries — the kind that are disposable — are bad for the environment: when thrown out into landfills, their acids can do harm to nearly farmland and rivers. The other problem is that the alkaline battery is not a sustainable energy source: it get charged, it gets used, and it gets thrown away. There is no chance of it having a sustainable lifecycle.

And hein ┬álies the price benefit of rechargeable batteries: whereas their alkaline counterparts have just one life to live, you get multiple uses out of your rechargeables. And because new battery technologies like NiMH and LiON are much less harmful to the environment once they are thrown out — and because they are less frequently thrown out — rechargeable batteries seem like a win-win.

However, is there is a risk that the prices of rechargeable batteries will “skyrocket” like the rest of energy sources around the world? Continue reading ‘Will The Cost Of Rechargeable Batteries Eventually “Skyrocket?”’


NiMH Rechargeable Battery Storage

NiMH rechargeable battery storage

If you’ve made a big investment in NiMH rechargeable batteries and have a lot on hand to store, read this quick, handy guide on battery storage.

Hopefully by now you’ve made it to full NiMH rechargeable battery adoption: you don’t just take the cheap charger and a handful of AA rechargeable batteries, but rather have bought in to the notion that all of your battery-powered devices can run on rechargeable power. If this is the case, then you probably have maybe several dozen rechargeable batteries — even more than you actually ever need to use at one time.

So, the next question is, how should you effectively store NiMH rechargeable batteries in order to maximize their lifecycle and charge? Continue reading ‘NiMH Rechargeable Battery Storage’


Battery Charger Review: Ansmann XC 3000 Universal Charger & Battery Management System

Ansmann XC 3000 Universal Battery Charger

All battery chargers are not made equal, and the Ansmann XC 3000 universal charger and battery management system is in a league unto itself.

One of the great things about rechargeable batteries and battery chargers is that there is now a wide range of brands and performance levels for everyone, from the frugal mom who wants to save money of batteries for her children’s’ toys to the hard core photographer who realizes that having the wrong rechargeable batteries for his or her camera flashes can make or break a great photograph. As the electronics industry has evolved, so too has the rechargeable battery and charger market.

All of the major battery brands offer inexpensive battery chargers that allow consumers to inexpensively begin using rechargeable batteries. But the entry-model chargers tend to be quite limited in features, offer a slow charge, and do not condition a rechargeable battery for optimal results. For common use, such as for games or toys, these sorts of battery chargers are fine. But if you rely on batteries for your livelihood, investing in a high-end battery charger is a necessity.

Fortunately for you, Ansmann makes one of the finest, fullest-featured battery chargers on the market today. Continue reading ‘Battery Charger Review: Ansmann XC 3000 Universal Charger & Battery Management System’


Consumer Reports: Rechargeable Batteries Are The Best Choice For Toys

Vapex Instant AA 2500mAh NIMH Rechargeable Batteries

Toys gobble up more batteries than you’d think. And since many of them use AA batteries, keeping them running with AA NiMH rechargeable batteries is a really cost-effective option.

If you scan around for reviews of the best AA rechargeable batteries, you’ll find that the reviews tend to focus primarily on the use of rechargeables in high performance electronics, such as digital cameras, camera flashes, walkie-talkies, and other devices. But if you really look closer into the kinds of devices that use rechargeable batteries, most of the most popular products — such as the iPhone, iPad, and laptops — don’t use AA and AAA rechargeable batteries; they use proprietary LiON battery packs.

If it sounds like I’m trying to talk you out of buying rechargeable batteries, I’m not: rather, it’s best to know what rechargeable batteries are used best for. Consumer Reports says the most cost-effective is in none other than toys.

Yes, toys. Continue reading ‘Consumer Reports: Rechargeable Batteries Are The Best Choice For Toys’

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