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Now More Than Ever, rechargeable Batteries Are a Necessity For Powering Electronic Christmas Presents

rechargeable batteries for christmas presents in australia

With so many electronics-based products given as Christmas presents this year, it makes more sense now than ever to invest in rechargeable batteries.

Have you ever noticed that it seems like every new Christmas season brings with it more and more Christmas presents that are battery powered? It’s no coincidence: year in and year out, more and more children’s toys require batteries — most of them AA or AAA. The same is true for adults: in addition to popular electronics, such as digital cameras, mp3 players, tablets, laptops, and smartphones, even lesser-priced items, such as electric shavers, back massagers, and other hand-held electronic devices increasingly demand batteries.

If part of your after-Christmas shopping involves buying batteries for all of your new gadgets, now is the time to invest in rechargeable batteries. Continue reading ‘Now More Than Ever, rechargeable Batteries Are a Necessity For Powering Electronic Christmas Presents’


Two Hot Christmas Items For Rechargeable Battery Enthusiasts

ansmann AA rechargeable batteriesGreat deals and great features are on tap this Christmas for rechargeable battery enthusiasts who can never have enough high-quality rechargeable batteries — or the best battery chargers to charge them with.

Electronics Warehouse is highlighting two great Christmas present ideas in the final week before Christmas that will light up your gadget enthusiast’s eyes and save you a little bit of money in the process. When it comes to rechargeable batteries, you can really never have too many. This is especially true for people who love gadgets and electronics, such as photographers, hobbyists, outdoorsmen, and anyone else who uses rechargeable batteries on a regular basis. While the long-term savings by using rechargeable batteries is well-established, the initial investment often precludes gadget enthusiasts from buying all of the rechargeable batteries they need.

ansmann D rechargeable batteriesSo, why not pick them up some rechargeable batteries for Christmas?

Electronics Warehouse is now offering a great discount on all of our Ansmann-brand rechargeable batteries. For a limited time, get any size Ansmann rechargeable battery pack for 25% off! Plus, as always, you get fast, FREE shipping Australia-wide, just in time for Christmas!

Never heard of Ansmann? They are a German designed and engineered rechargeable battery, and there mAh, discharge rate, and quality rival other premium brands such as Sanyo Eneloop. They are a great “middle of the road” battery brand, offering performance and value at the same time.

Order today and get 25% off Ansmann rechargeable batteries!

Or, if you are looking for a more lavish gift idea, why not consider a battery charger? Battery chargers come in all shapes, sizes, and prices — based on their features and versatility. While average consumers often use the simple, slow-charging battery chargers that come as a part of rechargeable battery starter kits, companies like Ansmann make high-performance universal battery chargers that charge, discharge, analyze, and condition the batteries.

The Ansmann XC 3000 Universal Battery Charger is the ultimate battery charger on the market today, and offers all of the premium features that serious rechargeable battery users need to keep their batters running optimally. The Ansmann Energy XC3000 is a professional quality desk top battery management system with a capacity for 8 x AAA batteries, 8 x AA batteries, 4 x C batteries, 4 x D size batteries and 2 PP3 batteries in various combinations. It is also able to handle most Li-Ion/Li-Po Camera and Camcorder batteries. It features:

  • High-Tec battery charger, analyser and maintenance system
  • Desktop charger and analyser for 1-8 AAA or AA cells, 1-4 C or D cells, 1- 2 PP3 (E-block) in addition to a wide range of Camera and Camcorder batteries
  • Multifunctional clear backlit LCD Display
  • Adjustable Charge Current (2 Steps) for all round cells
  • Capacity Quick Test
  • Individual selectable charging program for every cell position, including the PP3 (E-Block) and Li-Ion/Li-Po Camera/Camcorder batteries
  • Charge any combination of rechargeable NiCd/NiMH/Li-Ion/Li-Po batteries at the same time
  • Multiple Overcharge protection systems
  • Trickle charge once charging is complete
  • The cells can remain in the charger until they are needed
  • Faulty cell, Alkaline and wrong polarity protection
  • Switch mode power supply for worldwide use, all you need is a plug adapter for the country you are visiting.
  • Integrated Multi functional battery quick tester
  • 3 year warranty

If you’re ready to get your loved one a battery charger that will truly blow their mind, be sure to pick up the Ansmann XC 3000 Universal Battery Charger from Electronics Warehouse!






Rechargeable Batteries: The Christmas Gift That Keeps On Giving

rechargeable batteries for christmas

Read about how rechargeable batteries can be a gift that keeps on giving to your gadget-loving friend or family member.

Christmas shopping for gadget lovers can be tough: they seem like they have everything, and because they are so passionate about electronics, it can be a little intimidating to buy anything for them. Plus, when you shop for loved ones at Christmastime, you want to make a big impression with an amazing gift. Quite often, the types of electronics that make a big splash are also extremely expensive.

If you’re looking to find the perfect gift for the gadget lover in your family, why not consider rechargeable batteries? Yes, rechargeable batteries. Do they seem too dull or uninteresting to give as a gift? Think again. Continue reading ‘Rechargeable Batteries: The Christmas Gift That Keeps On Giving’


Are Premium Brand Rechargeable Batteries Really Better Than Generic Brands?

rechargeable batteries

From Sanyo Eneloop all the down to cheap, generic brands, there is a wide range of premium rechargeable batteries to choose from? But do you really gain better performance from the premium brands?

A couple years ago, when Apple released its own brand of rechargeable batteries, there was a great deal of excitement in the tech media. Apple, after all, spends millions of dollars a year in rechargeable battery research, with most of its R&D resources going into improving the LiON battery packs that power its popular mobile products, such as the MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and iPod. It didn’t take long, to reveal that Apple’s AA NiMH rechargeable batteries for its wireless keyboards are actually made by Sanyo Eneloop and rebranded.

Some were disappointed, but for avid rechargeable battery enthusiasts, it was an endorsement for Sanyo Eneloop: if Apple was willing to stick its own brand on Sanyo Eneloop-designed batteries, they must be high quality, right?

That being said, there is a often a wide gap between the price tags of Sanyo Eneloop, Energizer, and other premium brandeded rechargeable batteries and more generic brands. In the end, however, is there much difference between the two? Continue reading ‘Are Premium Brand Rechargeable Batteries Really Better Than Generic Brands?’

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