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BASF To Present New Approach To LiON Technologies At The Battery Japan Expo

BASF - NiMH rechargeable batteries

There’s no question that, with the ever-increasing rise in popularity of mobile devices, that the rechargeable battery industry continues to grow at an impressive rate. With the Battery Japan expo wrapping up this week, some of the world’s top chemical and battery-making companies are making impressive presentations on long-term investment into rechargeable battery technology — particularly in the realm of LiON.

BASF, in particular, is set to reveal an audacious, new plan to invest more resources into LiON, which they are unveiling at the Expo this week.¬† Continue reading ‘BASF To Present New Approach To LiON Technologies At The Battery Japan Expo’


Buyer Beware: BTY Rechargeable Batteries Are Cheap On Price – And Capacity

BTY rechargeable battery review

Photo of BTY rechargeable Batteries from Dan's Data

At just $9.99 for 8 pieces, BTY AA rechargeable batteries seem like the best buy in the battery world. But a preponderance of test and reviews reveal that don’t even hold 10% of their capacity after just 2 or 3 charges.

When it comes to finding the best deal on rechargeable batteries, many consumers look for the highest capacity (mAh) they can get at the lowest price. And at first, that would appear to be a smart way of shopping. The only problem, however, is that what a rechargeable battery brand prints as the capacity on their batteries and what they actually offer users are often two completely different things.

We recently took a look at the UltraFire brand of rechargeable batteries, which actually have been known to catch fire while in use or being charged. Today, we’re looking at some of the data, testing, and reviews of the BTY brand of rechargeable batteries. Continue reading ‘Buyer Beware: BTY Rechargeable Batteries Are Cheap On Price – And Capacity’


Warning: UltraFire Rechargeable Batteries Live Up To Their Name – They Catch Fire!

ultrafire rechargeable batteries catch fire

Cheap rechargeable batteries continue to put better brands out of business. But ultra-cheap brands like UltraFire rechargeable batteries also fail to deliver on battery capacity and even risk fire and explosion!

It’s really a shame how, in an effort to make rechargeable batteries as inexpensive to the consumer as possible, reliable generic battery brands (and their retailers) have been put out of business by companies like UltraFire. Sure, UltraFire’s rechargeable batteries run upwards of 50% less than their competitors, but the question is: are the savings really worth it?

For most serious rechargeable battery users, premium brands like Sanyo Eneloop or Powerex are the only choice? But for the rest of the rechargeable battery market, solid brands like Vapex and Ansmann find it difficult to compete against the likes of UltraFire.

But before you go investing in UltraFire rechargeable batteries, you should know that many report that they seldom live up to their promises in terms of battery capacity — and occasionally they do live up their name, and actually catch fire!

Continue reading ‘Warning: UltraFire Rechargeable Batteries Live Up To Their Name – They Catch Fire!’


Universal Battery Chargers Offer Best-In-Class Performance

universal battery charger

There are plenty of entry-level battery chargers on the market that make it relatively cheap to start using rechargeable batteries. But a universal battery charger will give you the performance you are looking for, and save you money in the long run.

The biggest objection that consumers have with rechargeable batteries is the upfront cost: in spite of the fact that all batteries are expensive — even the disposable variety — the idea of having to spend the extra money for rechargeables, plus the battery charger, can really be the difference in someone investing in them in the first place.

As a result, companies like Energizer and Sanyo Eneloop has put together packages that include a set of AA rechargeable batteries and an accompanying battery charger, all for one relatively low price. The idea of these packages is to get people on board with rechargeables. But in the end, does it make more sense to simply buy a universal battery charger from the onset?

What Is A Universal Battery Charger?

The term “universal battery charger” might be confusing to consumers. After all, can’t a battery charger charge pretty much any brand of rechargeable battery? While premium brands like Sanyo Eneloop and Energizer would like to make you think that you should only put their brand of batter into their brand of charger, the fact is, any simple battery charger will be able to handle charging Powerex, Eneloop, Energizer, Vapex, or Ansmann. Even the cheap brands can be charged with these chargers. But that is not what makes a charger a “universal” charger.

A universal battery charger is a simply a charger that can charge every battery type.

Most entry-level battery charger models can only charge AA and AAA rechargeable batteries — and they are typically very slow 9and sometimes spotty) when it comes to charging, with many consumers complaining that they never really get 100% charge from them. Universal battery chargers, on the other hand, are never considered “Entry level” — at the very least, they offer mid-level quality and performance, along with the ability to charge AA, AAA, 9V, C, and D-sized rechargeable batteries.

Ansmann XC 3000 Universal Charger, Battery Management System

Universal Battery Charger Features

Unlike an entry-level battery charger, which offers little more than a trickle charger and a few LEDs to let you know when your AA or AAA batteries are finished charging, universal battery chargers typically feature a wide range of integrated features. In addition to being able to charge more batteries or different varieties at a time, many devices also feature battery conditioning circuits that will optimize or discharge a battery as needed, as well as cut-off circuits and more granular display screens that give you a more user-friendly experience.

Also prominent on universal battery chargers is the ability to fast-charge batteries. Another big objection to rechargeable batteries is having to wait hours for them to complete. The universal charger often charge batteries much quicker than the entry-level models.

Ansmann Energy 8 Plus Battery Charger and Maintenance Station

Universal Battery Charger Prices

so, what can you expect to pay for a universal battery charger? It will most definitely cost you more than what you pay for with entry-level chargers. In Australia, a universal battery charger will run you between AUD $60 and $300, depending on the kinds of features and performance you’re looking for. Entry-level chargers might cost only ¬†between AUD $20 and $30, but it’s wasted money — in the end, you’ll eventually upgrade to a universal battery charger, and your standard charger will become obsolete.

A great first universal battery charger for the money is the Ansmann Energy 8 Plus Battery Charger. For AUD $109, it offers:

“. . . the most advanced charging control available today for all the most commonly used sizes of Nickel Metal Hydride and Nickel Cadmium batteries used in electronic appliances.

The charger accepts AAA, AA, C, D, and 9V. Just plug it in and it charges all these battery sizes automatically and fast! The Energy 8 automatically reconditions batteries, before recharging. It will charge two 9V cells in a little over 2 hours. You can also charge other sizes and/or types simultaneously in the Energy 8 Plus charger. This “smart” charger automatically adjusts to each cell size, cell type and cell capacity. Each cell is charged independently, with simple progress indicator lights for each cell. Automatically switches to trickle charge as each cells reaches full charge.”

While standard, entry-level battery chargers are a cheap way to get into using rechargeable batteries, what makes the most sense is to simply invest in a universal battery charger the first time.

Thanks for reading our article! Did you know that Electronics Warehouse carries the Ansmann Energy 8 Plus battery charger and a wide range of universal battery chargers? Take a look at what we have on offer. .



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