5 iPad Accessories That Aren’t a Waste of Money

Most of the iPad accessories out there are pointless at best, and border on being absurd. While apps are probably the best “ipad accessories” you can invest in, there are some physical, tangible accessories that you just shouldn’t go without.

Over the past decade, there has been a growing trend in the computer accessories market, where apps and software are being seen more as “accessories” and the physical, tangible additions to your gadgets are more and more like “novelties.” This is especially true with the iPad. We’ve explored some of the absurd iPad accessories on the market today in an earlier article, acknowledging that the most innovative and useful additions to your iPad will most likely be app-based.

However, we were able to find a few key iPad accessories that do not occupy cyberspace and are actually worth investing in. Here is our quick rundown of 5 iPad accessories that aren’t a complete waste of money:

1. The iPad Cleaning Cloth

I always found it funny that the first thing new iPad users complained about was that their iPad has fingerprints all over it. What does the iPad user expect from a tablet device that operates solely on the premise of you touching and typing onto its surface with your fingers? The “fingerprint criticism” interestingly pointed out a kind of obsessive-compulsive fixation that the iPad user demographic seems to possess; they seemed both surprised and alarmed that a) they have fingerprints and b) no matter how many times they wash their hands in a day, they’re going to leave marks on their iPad.

The good news is that there are plenty of high quality iPad cleaning cloths on the market today for under A$10 that should last you a lifetime and alleviate any irrational insecurities you may have about leaving fingerprints on your iPad. The iPad cleaning cloth is one of the essential iPad accessories because you can keep it close by in your iPad case or pocket and you can get tons of valuable use out of it. Also, try to avoid buying iPad cleaning sprays, as the oleophobic-coated glass of the iPad really doesn’t call for it. Just a good microfiber iPad cloth is really the perfect accessory.

2. The iPad Case

However cool-looking you may think the iPad is, toting it around in the buff is a very bad idea. I’ve said more than once that no other mobile device is as “droppable” as the iPad: while a mobile phone stays securely in your hand and a laptop ususally sits on a desk and not your lap, the iPad isn’t made to sit flat on a table and is too small to use comfortably on your lap. Instead, it is a device that is meant to be held in one hand and controlled with the other — like a tablet.

Your iPad will take a nasty fall sometime in its life and, even though Apple gives it a tough polycarbonate design, a dramatic fall could easily break the tablet glass. Thus, you should invest in an iPad case. But not just any iPad case: the vast majority of iPad cases on the market today are little more than a flimsy piece of stylised plastic that snaps onto the back of your iPad and only offers scratch protection. If you drop your iPad in a “shell case” like this, the case is going to do nothing to protect your iPad’s life.

Instead, go with a padded iPad case that still gives you access to the iPad itself. These are hard to find, but they’re out there. Uniea’s Omniverse iPad case works this way, functioning as a padded memory foam sleeve and tote that can be zipped open, allowing you to use the iPad while it is still safe inside the case.

3. The iPad Dock

Apple gives you everything you need in the standard iPad package to charge your iPad when not in use. But for about A$45, you can invest in the sleek, Applish iPad dock, which offers a 30-pin pass-thru connection for connecting to a charging cable, video output cable, or any other accessories that would otherwise plug into the iPad’s dock connector. In addition, the iPad dock positions the iPad in such a way that allows you to easily access it while working on your iMac or PowerBook. You may consider it to be unworthy of making this top 5 list, since the iPad already comes with a recharging cable, but since we’ve illuminated the challenging ergonomics of the iPad, the iPad dock gives you a solid, sturdy way of mounting your iPad so that you don’t have to be holding it, all while charging and trasferring data. It is definitely one of the best and most worthy iPad accessories out there.

4.  The iPad VGA Connector

People are dead-set on making the iPad work as a serious business tool. It remains to be seen whether or not it can truly replace the laptop as a viable working machine, but if your goal is to take a crack at using this tablet as a means of upping your work productivity, then you must not be without the iPad VGA Connector from Apple. This diminutive little adaptor allows you to hook up your iPad with a computer monitor or projector. The projector function lets you take a presentation with you on your iPad, while connection to a computer monitor allows you to convert your tablet back into a desktop and simply use the tablet as a keyboard. Both of these scenarios should seem very attractive to business and personal iPad users alike, especially the ones who are committed to trying to make the switch-over to tablet technology.

5. The iPad Keyboard Dock

Some would argue that both the iPad keyboard dock and VGA connector seek to erase the “tablet” out of the iPad itself. After all, if you were to plug in the VGA connector and keyboard dock at once (not possible, by the way), you’d be back to having a desktop computer again. But maybe that’s the point for you: that you can have it both ways. Maybe that is the secret to being a successful iPad user? The iPad keyboard dock allows you to position your iPad at a productive angle and offers a comfortable keyboard for getting some serious work done.

Considering the versatility of the iPad, it’s hard to imagine that iPad accessories could greatly enhance an already amazing computing experience. But these 5 iPad accessories are worth the money and will most certain expand your use of the newfangled tablet.

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  1. 1 Robert Oct 25th, 2010 at 6:29 am

    We have your number one iPad accessory at ipadcleaningcloth.com can you tell your readers about it for us?

  2. 2 electronicswarehouse Oct 27th, 2010 at 8:58 pm

    It’s funny how such a small, inexpensive can be the most significant iPad accessory out there!

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