A Beginner’s Guide To Everything You Need to Know About RC Cars and Trucks

RC bnatteriesMany people are interested in RC cars and trucks, but they don’t know where to start.

The first thing you need to know about RC cars, is there are three main types available. There is electric, nitro/gas, and truck that is available in electric or nitro. The RC cars you get at a regular store are called “toy grade” and the ones you purchase on a website are called “hobby grade.” Beginners and professionals alike can use hobby grade cars because they are built to last longer than the toy grade cars.

You can purchase an RC car that is RTR (ready-to-run) or an assemble it yourself kit. Many believe that RTR cars are slower than assemble-it-yourself cars. However, RTR vehicles can reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour and come in nitro-fueled and electric powered types. If you want to go the assemble-it-yourself route, you should purchase a car that is fully customizable. Some brands to look at are; Tamiya, Kyosho, Team Losi, HPI Racing, and Team Associated. Home users and professional RC drivers use brands like these all the time.

RTR vehicles are good for beginners, but sooner or later, you will have to replace something on the vehicle. You might run into some problems because you aren’t too familiar about where certain parts go. If you start out with an assemble-it-yourself, you will know where parts go and it will be easier to replace parts when the time comes.

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There are a few more factors you need to consider when purchasing a car or truck. The first one is what you want the vehicle for.  If you want the vehicle for running around your house, then I would recommend going for a less expensive vehicle. If you want to race with buddies, then you can spend a bit more on the vehicle. Now if you want to race with professionals, you might need to spend a bit more on you vehicle to keep up with the “Big boys.”

RC cars can range from $10 to well over $500. If you decide to race professionally, you can look at an online directory to see where a close race track is to you. The most important part of racing is Tuning and prepping you vehicle and what goes on at the track. You should always carry tools with you to the track, fresh batteries, oil, spare tires, spare glow plugs, and your car’s manual.  The most important thing to bring is a back up battery pack for your car. You never know what might happen during a race, so being prepared is key. No matter how you decide to run your RC car, the most important part is having fun.

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