Ansmann Battery Charger Review Round-up: Ansmann Energy 8

Ansmann Energy 8 plus battery charge

A couple of weeks ago, we posted an article about the Ansmann line of rechargeable batteries and chargers as a kind of introduction to the brand here in Australia. While you can get Ansmann products here, they certainly aren’t as easy to find as Sanyo Eneloop, Energizer, and other top brands. The more digging we’ve done into the Ansmann brand, the more we’re liking what we read and hear about them.

There’s no doubt that their line of rechargeable batteries appear to be really solid, and offer performance, quality, and features that are not unlike that of Sanyo Eneloop. But that is for a different article. What we really want to talk about in this article is the  Ansmann Energy 8-Plus battery charger which, from all accounts across the tech media spectrum, is just about the best battery charger you buy on the market today for its price point. Read all about what we — and others — have to say about it.

When we heard from the Ansmann PR representative, he boasted that Ansmann products excel due to “German design expertise in modern battery, charging and power technology.” While German engineering certainly sounds like a good recipe for solid electronics and performance for the Energy 8-Plus battery charger, we looked for some more impartial witnesses to corroborate the claim. This is what we found:

MetaEfficient is a reliable tech blog that tests and reviews a wide range of electronics. In their article, The Best Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers Of 2012, they give the Energy-8 high marks for its features:

Ansmann’s ‘Energy 8’ charger can handle both NiCad and NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargeable batteries. When the batteries are inserted into the charger, they are analysed, and batteries needing reconditioning are automatically restored by several cycles of charging and discharging. The charger will also indicate if a battery has been damaged and cannot be charged. This charger has ten charging positions: six for AAA, AA, C or D sized cells, and four for 9V cells. The six top positions can handle two AAA or two AA cells or one each of the larger C or D cells. A LED display shows the state of charging for each cell. This charger can be used worldwide — it accepts 100-240V 50-60Hz AC.

WeGuide Reviews gave a very down-to-earth review and test of the Energy-8, which stood up to the rigours of a father who is constantly having to recharge batteries for his kids’ toys and electronics, in its review entitled, Weguide – I bought it reviews: Ansmann Energy 8 PLUS Battery Charger:

I couldn’t find a charger that did more than just AA rechargables or AAA rechargables. Ansmann also does quite well in tests and then I spotted the Energy 8 plus charger. It does all batteries from AAA to D Cell. It has a fairly easy operation with the charger either refreshing a battery, recharging it, trickle charge (when it gets to full) and error mode. I have been please with the performance of the 5000 mAh D cells which took a few charges and discharges to get good performance, as was expected. The 2700 mAh AA’a are still going on their first charge in various toys, so no complaints there.

There was also this very fair review of the Energy-8 on the Pentax Forums as well: ANSMANN Energy 8 Battery charger reviews – Pentax Camera Accessory Review Database:

The ANSMANN Energy 8 Battery charger can charge up to eight cells in parallel (6 AA/AAA max.). It supports a lot of different cell types (AAA, AA, C, D, and even 9V blocks). It charges both the older Nickel Cadmium and the modern NiMH cells. You cannot set the charge current on the Energy 8 as one can do with some more advanced chargers and there is no LCD readout showing the exact capacity, charging current, etc. for each cell, but the Energy 8 charges each cell individually, thus avoiding overcharging one cell just to complete the cycle for another cell. Cells never get hot in this charger which is testimony to its gentle charging behaviour.

There is a status LED for each cell respectively. When a cell is inserted, the charger shows whether it is still charged, depleted or defective. If the cell isn’t removed, the charger will then begin to discharge any remaining capacity in the cell. After that it will charge the cell. This means that your cells are continuously reconditioned so that they will always retain their maximum capacity. Even cells that have been nearly killed by lesser chargers can be revived this way. When the cell has reached its maximum charge, the charger switches over to “trickle mode” which means that you can allow yourself to forget about the cells. They will never be overcharged and will never be discharged when you finally get them out of the charger.

In summary, the Energy 8 . . .  is a very reliable, smart charger that automatically adapts to different cells and treats them well.

Perhaps one of the most helpful features of the Ansmann Energy-8 is its accessibility. It features a modular design that makes it incredibly easy to just plug in your rechargeable batteries and get them charging. To be sure, the Energy-8 isn’t a super high-end device — but for the money, it offers extremely high quality charging and user-friendliness that simply cannot be beat.

Thanks for reading our article! Be sure to take a look at our Ansmann battery chargers at Electronics Warehouse. .

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