Ansmann NiMH Rechargeable Batteries Offer A Nice Balance of Price, Quality

ansmann battery charger and rechargeable batteriesOne of the challenges when it comes to buying rechargeable batteries is finding a good balance between price and quality. To be sure, there are plenty of rechargeable battery brands out there that offer an extremely cheap price point. Of course, the problem with these generic NiMH rechargeable batteries is that they are often very poor in quality, and the batteries run the risk of losing their ability to charge, destroying your electronics, or even exploding, causing injury.

On the other hand, while premium brands like Sanyo Eneloop offer the highest level of quality and performance, sometimes users are looking for a more value-priced rechargeable battery solution. This is especially true if a user needs to buy a large quantity of rechargeable batteries.

German-based Ansmann rechargeable batteries might offer a good balance between price and quality. Read more about what Ansmann has to offer, and whether or not they might become the right choice for value-priced rechargeable batteries.

You may not have heard about Ansmann before, but actually they have been around for quite a while and are beginning to gain in popularity worldwide. AGerman-based company with manufacturing facilities in Asia, Ansmann has led the German market with high consumer ratings for all of its rechargeable battery products. this strong reputation is beginning to propel them into new markets, including Australia.

The company offers a wide range of rechargeable battery designs that are comparable in capacity and features as other leading premium brand rechargeable batteries. Its line of maxE Plus NiMH rechargeable batteries come pre-charged right out of the package, can be charged up to 1000 times, and feature a very low self discharge rate compared to other battery types.

Ansmann also offers its rechargeable batteries with a broad spectrum of capacity to fit various applications. For example, its AA range of batteries come in low 800 mAh for applications such as solar lamps, 1300 mAh, 2400 mAh, 2100 mAh, 2700 mAh, and professional-grade 2850 mAh capacity as well.

In addition to its high-quality battery designs, EW will also retain Ansmann’s impressive Energy 8 Plus Battery Charger. The Energy 8 Plus features a cool, modern design that is extremely easy to use. It charges up to 6 AAA or AA batteries (at 400 and 1000 mAh), 4 C or D batteries (at 1000 mAh), and 2 9V batteries (at 60 mAh), and offers a switch mode power supply for worldwide use (100-240V), flexible NiMH/NiCd charging, a capacity quick-test of the inserted cells, auto-diagnosis of the inserted cells with automatic start of a refreshing process and/or pre-charging process (if required), microprocessor controlled charging of each individual cell, five-way overcharging protection, LED battery status indicator, and a trickle charge. The charge also offers a three-year manufacturer warranty.

It remains to be seen how far Ansmann will move into the world market for rechargeable batteries and battery chargers, and if they can come to take on brands like Sanyo Eneloop. But for now, we are keeping our eye on them as a possible viable offering for people who are serious about rechargeable batteries.

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