Ansmann: The Total RC Car Package


ansmann rc car and batteries

If you’re passionate about remote controlled cars, then you know how critical it is to have a reliable set of rc batteries. Read our article about what Ansmann brings to the rc car — and battery — scene:

The good people at Ansmann have proven that they care about batteries. They’ve shown they can make a solid product for a fair price. But they have taken their dedication one step further. Rather than just churning out a solid, reliable, powerful rechargeable battery that can be used in a multitude of devices with excellent results, they have proven they want to be the one and only stop for someone that wants outstanding R/C gear across the board.

A Comprehensive Business

Ansmann rechargeable batteries are quality in their own right. They can stand alone in a field of fierce competition. The people at Ansmann are not willing to rest on their laurels and simply let their products get plugged into inferior machines, where their power could be totally wasted. They wanted more. They wanted a business plan that takes the R/C racing world in its totality.

Now introducing, in the first lane: Ansmann Racing.

Ansmann Racing is an umbrella of their battery line. They provide the machines that use their little battery packs. Everything from AR Pro Cars to Brushless Boats to Charging and Tuning Accessories. Their R/C line makes most hobby shops look like bush-league rookies. Only Ansmann typically has more competitive prices.

The R/C Reason

Why would a company that can make a solid living on any single product need to diversify? Often, this can lead to losses in their profit margin as they have to spend more on research and development as well as promotion, and they could still have products that must land on the scrap heap as total failures.

Their philosophy behind this is very simple: Give the R/C enthusiast everything they need, make all of it work to the best of its ability, and help people to understand why Ansmann products deserve more than a fair share of the market.

On a personal note, we’re pretty sure that before they were a company, they were a group of R/C nuts wrenching on their autos and their boats in their car ports. Otherwise, they would just sell their products and be done with it. Instead they also lovingly saturate their website with the hottest in news of the R/C sports world.

A Devotion to Quality

Their website is a glut of information with news and a massive media database showing the performance of their vehicles in action. You don’t have to take their word for it, they are happy to show you. The proof – as they say – is in the pudding. Although to be fair there is far more mud and far less pudding in their videos.

They also have comprehensive schematics that explain their iFusion technology and LSD NiHM technology with breakdowns that include C ontinuous load, Temporary Load, BEC output, and the cell load that each of their batteries contain. They play everything away from the vest, and have a knowledgeable support staff happy to answer any questions that isn’t already addressed on their site.

The simple fact is that they know how their products perform, and they know how to get the best out of their machines. Whether those machines are rechargeable batteries or R/C Vehicles and accessories, they are experts. In the same way a virtuoso can tell the exact tuning their instrument needs, and how to accommodate for strange weather conditions, so too does a good manufacturer know how to draw premium performance out of their products.

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