Apple Boosts Their Battery Sizes for Upcoming iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C

iphone-5sThe soon to be released iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C are going to be sporting more than just an updated OS and shiny new colors. The newest offering from Apple will be sporting a new “boosted” battery to give users longer usage.

The point of a long lasting battery has always been one of the gripes from Apple enthusiasts. While the devices themselves are very strong and robust, the battery life was always something to be desired. After prolonged use, it just seems like you could watch the battery meter go down. However, at the event held on Sept. 10th, Apple did mention something to do with the battery. But, they did not go that much into detail.

With some snooping through recent FCC filings we can see that perhaps there is going to be a little more juice under the iPhone hood. The last iPhone, the iPhone 5, included a 5.45 Whr, or 1440 mAh, battery. According to the FCC documents, the iPhone 5S will jump up to 5.96 Whr (or around 1570 mAh), while the iPhone 5C will increase to 5.73 Whr (around 1507 mAh). Of course, an FCC filing document could also be off–these aren’t publicly announced battery capacities from Apple–but the increase looks believable.

With these ratings, and what Apple did reveal at their media event, the newest iPhones yield up to 10 hours of 3G talk time (two more hours than iPhone 5), and 250 hours of standby. If this is true, then the iPhone 5S will definitely be king of the line.


In the above picture, (courtesy of MacRumors) we can see what the reported battery may look like. There is only way to be sure, and that is to wait until Friday to pick one up ourselves.

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