Are rechargeable battery kiosks really a good solution?

A new start-up is trying out rechargeable battery dispensing kiosks at a local store chain. The premise is that you pay for a set of 4 batteries at a set price. Then you take the batteries home and use them until spent – then return them to the same kiosk for fully charged replacements at a discounted price.


As detailed on The Bettery website:

“Swapping batteries is simple, you just: Buy batteries at any BETTERY Swap Station, at participating retail locations.  

Take the batteries home, and use them until they are drained.

Swap the drained batteries at the BETTERY Swap Station for freshly tested and charged batteries – without the hassling with recharging at home”

This is a good concept to get consumers familiar with the use of Rechargeable Batteries, but at a fairly high cost to the individual. The cost of ‘purchasing’ a set of AA’s is near retail of the cheaper brands. When the batteries you have used are finished, you need to drive to the store that the kiosk is located at to exchange – hopefully the store is open when you want to get more batteries.

Essentially the cost to swap out batteries is 1/4 the price of the initial purchase. However after a few cycles of driving to the kiosk to swap out batteries, you may be questioning yourself why you did not simply purchase batteries and a charger outright in the first place.

The statement of “without the hassling with recharging at home.” May need to be questioned, as having to drive to a local kiosk and paying a fee every time to recharge seems like a much larger hassle in my opinion.

By Michael Nace

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