BASF To Present New Approach To LiON Technologies At The Battery Japan Expo

BASF - NiMH rechargeable batteries

There’s no question that, with the ever-increasing rise in popularity of mobile devices, that the rechargeable battery industry continues to grow at an impressive rate. With the Battery Japan expo wrapping up this week, some of the world’s top chemical and battery-making companies are making impressive presentations on long-term investment into rechargeable battery technology — particularly in the realm of LiON.

BASF, in particular, is set to reveal an audacious, new plan to invest more resources into LiON, which they are unveiling at the Expo this week. 

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According to a press release on the BASF website, the chemical company plans on allocating “three-digit million euros” into the battery business by 2016, and that most of this investiture will be allocated to high-performance battery designs — namely LiON. As part of their presentation at Battery Japan, the company will be unveiling some new advancements in battery technologies, particularly with respect to cathode and electrolyte expertise, which BASF sees as critical to the advancement of high-performance batteries:

“Cathodes and electrolytes behave as a system, and understanding this system is key to developing advanced battery materials to meet new performance requirements,” says Adrian Steinmetz, Vice President, BASF Battery Materials. “Since BASF develops and produces both HED™ cathode materials and Selectilyte™ electrolytes, we have a unique ability to develop integrated cathode/electrolyte materials systems to help make our customers more successful in both the automotive and consumer lithium-ion battery markets.”

There is no doubt that BASF has made a significant push into the battery market over the past years, having made key acquisitions in order to position themselves as a leader in the industry. It will be interesting to see what comes out of Battery Japan this week from BASF, and how that could impact the consumer end of the rechargeable battery market.


BASF had little to say in its press statement about NiMH rechargeable battery technologies, but a quick review of their extensive website reveals that the company has made strong inroads into advancing NiMH as well as LiON. Through their affiliate Ovonic™, the company continues to hold some of the most important patents on NiMH technology, and is essentially credited with the invention of the modern NiMH rechargeable battery as we know it.

As more and more chemical companies continue to see the viability of the rechargeable battery market grow, there is no doubt that we will also continue to see major advancements in battery capacity, performance, quality, and longevity.

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