Battery Charger Review: Ansmann XC 3000 Universal Charger & Battery Management System

Ansmann XC 3000 Universal Battery Charger

All battery chargers are not made equal, and the Ansmann XC 3000 universal charger and battery management system is in a league unto itself.

One of the great things about rechargeable batteries and battery chargers is that there is now a wide range of brands and performance levels for everyone, from the frugal mom who wants to save money of batteries for her children’s’ toys to the hard core photographer who realizes that having the wrong rechargeable batteries for his or her camera flashes can make or break a great photograph. As the electronics industry has evolved, so too has the rechargeable battery and charger market.

All of the major battery brands offer inexpensive battery chargers that allow consumers to inexpensively begin using rechargeable batteries. But the entry-model chargers tend to be quite limited in features, offer a slow charge, and do not condition a rechargeable battery for optimal results. For common use, such as for games or toys, these sorts of battery chargers are fine. But if you rely on batteries for your livelihood, investing in a high-end battery charger is a necessity.

Fortunately for you, Ansmann makes one of the finest, fullest-featured battery chargers on the market today.

The Ansmann XC 3000 Universal Charger & Battery Management System offers users features that you simply will not find on entry-level chargers. First off, it can charge a large number of battery sizes and quantities: 8 x AAA batteries, 8 x AA batteries, 4 x C batteries, 4 x D size batteries and 2 PP3 batteries in various combinations. It is also able to handle most Li-Ion/Li-Po Camera and Camcorder batteries, in addition to NiMH rechargeable batteries. And the charger can charge any combination of rechargeable NiCd/NiMH/Li-Ion/Li-Po batteries at the same time.

Ansmann battery chargers

The Ansmann XC3000 has 5 main functions, Quick Test, Charge,  Discharge,  Full Test, and Cycle. The Quick Test is capable of testing a wide range of rechargeable and non-rechargeable cells, which means that even disposable alkaline batteries can be tested to see how much remaining battery life they have. All of the other functions can be used on all standard rechargeable batteries, including most of the rechargeable Camera and Camcorder batteries. This allows serious electronics users to keep their entire arsenal of batteries charged and ready.

All of the information of batteries is provided by way of a multifunctional, backlit LCD display, which gives detailed feedback of the program status for each charge location. Voltage, charge and discharge currents, charge and discharge capacities, and charge and discharge times are all displayed here. It is particularly helpful to see charge and discharge times, since it allows users to plan out charges around their tight schedules and deadlines.

The charger also features a lot of great failsafe features, such as multiple overcharge protection systems, a trickle charge once charging is complete (allowing the cells to remain in the charger until they are needed) and a faulty cell, alkaline, and wrong polarity protection system.

But what makes the Battery Charger Review: Ansmann XC 3000 Universal Charger & Battery Management System particularly impressive is that, in spite of the fact that it is so multi-functional, it is also incredibly user friendly to use. Ansmann takes great pride in making its Energy 8 and 16 battery chargers easy to use, and the XC 3000 is equally easy to use. So, in spite of its high-performance capabilities, the learning curvy for using it is quite small.

If you use rechargeable batteries frequently and rely on their optimal performance, the Ansmann XC 3000 Universal Charger & Battery Management System is critically necessary.

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