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News Is That the New iOS7 is a Battery Drainer

ios7-battery-drainThe big news last week was the release of the newest generation of Apple smartphones; the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. One is the standard offering from Apple, although with three different back cover colors – black, gray, and gold. The other is a budget version with five different colors, but the actual phone housing is made of plastic rather than the aluminum we all know. But, a week out from the release of the iPhone 5S and 5C – which sold 9 million units in its opening weekend – is not the biggest news.

It seems from many reports that the other new offering from Apple, the revamped, redesigned, and rethought, iOS7 is stealing the limelight from the new handsets. The reason? It is draining the newly boosted battery faster than the previous OS.

Many people have suddenly experienced a rapid battery drain on their iPhone 5 phones after the iOS 7 update. Not only is this limited to older generations, but the same thing has been found to happen to the iPhone 5c (which has virtually the same internals as the iPhone 5). The iPhone 5s has not developed such a problem though.

The routine is mostly the same. The iPhone 5 would be at 70+ percent charge in the evening and the battery will be completely flat in the morning. This is for iPhone 5 units bought at different times from different places and the iPhone 5c review unit (in the middle of our battery test too, so we have to repeat it now). The worst case has to be when an iPhone 5 battery was getting drained while the phone was hooked up to a charger.

There have been many instances of then the phone would be caught at around 10% of battery life left, but felt very hot to the touch as if the CPU was working very hard, or for a prolonged period. One of the things that many people wish for when it comes to the new iOS 7 is that it would include Android’s extensive battery info – when an Android phone pulls the flat battery in the morning trick, it’s easy to see which app held the wakelock for hours, keeping the chipset from going to sleep.

While this does not seem to be a battery issue at all, it does seem rather strange that many who are on an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5C – which are practically identical – experience the same issue. It has not been reported that anyone running iOS7 on an older iPhone 4 or 4S have experienced any of the “battery drain” issues.

Batteries with the new iPhone 5S seem to be working alright.

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