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Sanyo Eneloop or Generic-brand Rechargeable Batteries? Here’s How To Decide

Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteriesEven in the world of rechargeable batteries, comparison shopping can be extremely difficult. The market is saturated with underpriced, underpowered, and downright dangerous rechargeable batteries. However, even among the high quality batteries, choosing the right one can be nothing more than trial and error. Naturally, all rechargeable batteries are not all created equal. Some will operate better for heavy draw devices that require large amounts of power delivered quickly. Some will work better for long life, able to produce lesser amounts of power over long periods of time. Some will be preferable for creating your own battery packs to save money. Some are better for the environment, and some have a greater shelf life which makes them much better choices for placement in emergency gear.

Really, when it comes to rechargeable batteries, there are two primary choices: the Sanyo Eneloop and the Vapex line of batteries. The Eneloop works better for devices with a higher energy demand on the battery, while the Vapex batteries are far more economical, costing a fraction of the price of the Eneloop, so they are preferred by anyone looking for a bargain.

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Rumoured High Capacity iPhone 5 Means iPhone FM Transmitters Will Be More Popular Than Ever

iphone 5 fm transmitter 1Rumours of a 64 GB storage capacity on the iPhone 5 has music lovers abuzz. But if the iPhone 5 is poised to have iPod-like media storage, users will be looking for new ways to play their music in the car.

When it comes to smartphones, the iPhone can do it all: voice and video, e-mail, surfing the web, games, and music. However, when it comes to storage, the iPhone’s capacity has always been markedly lower than the iPod. While the iPod features 64 GB of memory, the iPhone has never managed more than a 32 GB option. While this hasn’t been a problem for some people, other hardcore music and video lovers have found the iPhone’s storage capacity to be inadequate.

But all of that may change with the iPhone 5.

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Use an iPhone FM Transmitter to Make Your Car’s Stereo Into a Music Hub

iphone fm transmitterLove your collection of Apple mobile gadgets? Now you can use an inexpensive iPhone FM transmitter to get the music from your iPad, iPhone, iPod or any gizmo with a headphone jack into your car’s stereo!

For the millions of people in the world today who love and buy Apple electronics, one of them is not enough. In addition to sporting an iMac or MacBook at home, they are also quite likely to use an iPad, iPod, and/or iPhone when they’re on the go.

Perhaps you’re one of them?

If so, then you know that virtually all of Apple’s electronics make for great digital jukeboxes. Loaded with their groundbreaking iTunes platform, everything from a MacBook Pro to iPod Touch allows you to buy, store, and listen to music virtually anywhere. The problem, however, has always been that Apple’s mobile devices are largely designed to play music through earbuds or earphones. While that is an important option for many iPhone, iPod, and iPad users, many others wish they could simply plug in to their car stereo and listen to music through their booming speakers and subwoofers.

Enter the trusty iPhone FM transmitter!

Digital On Digital: iPhone FM Transmitters Broadcast Directly Into Your Car Stereo

Now, for a modest investment of around AUD$20, every mobile gadget in your Apple arsenal can be easily driven through your car stereo, thanks to advancements in digital technology. Early designs for plugging personal music devices into your car stereo involved cumbersome cassette tape inserts that never sounded any good and often managed to break the cassette player function in car stereos. This downside, combined with the fact that few if any car stereos come equipped with cassette players anymore make an iPhone FM transmitter the obvious next-generation choice for converting iTunes-powered music collections into something that can be listened to safely while driving.

The new technology in iPhone FM transmitters is purely digital: just as your car’s FM receiver can digitally tune in radio stations, so too does an iPhone FM transmitter tune in frequencies to broadcast the audio signal from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. The precision of your car’s stereo and the iPhone FM transmitter both locking in to the same frequency digitally, together with Digital Phase Lock Loop (PLL) transmission technology that helps reduce interference, assures digital-quality transmission of the signal; the broadcast signal itself is not digital, but the tuning is.

iphone fm transmitter

Universal Usability

There are a wide range of different iPhone FM transmitters on the market today, many of which are proprietary and need to be interfaced with the iPhone’s dock. But if you have a ton of different mobile gadgets, look for an iPhone FM transmitter that interfaces with devices using a 1/8″ (3.5mm) connection. While docks, plugs, and connectors can vary from device to device, the 1/8″ (3.5mm) jack continues to be universal for listening to music, from your iPhone 4 to your old Sony Walkman.

The only downside to an iPhone FM transmitter that uses a 1/8″ (3.5mm) connector is that it will most likely need to be powered either through your car’s cigarette lighter jack or a set of batteries — it will not be able to run on USB or any other kind of phantom power. This also means that a universal-fit iPhone FM transmitter might have a few extra cables — one that attaches the transmitter to your device, and one that attaches the transmitter to the car’s cigarette lighter.

But this is a minimal downside considering that an inexpensive iPhone FM transmitter can work with all of your favourite devices!

Thanks for reading our article? Did you know that EW carries some of the best-quality iPhone FM transmitters at great prices? Take a look at all of our iPhone FM transmitters. As an added bonus, use EWBLOG at checkout for 10% off your purchase, plus fast FREE shipping Australia-wide!


iPhone FM Transmitters Make for a Safer, Song-filled Car Ride

iphone fm transmitter

The iPDA® FMtalk iPhone FM Transmitter

Talking, texting and listening to music with earbuds on your iPhone car isn’t safe by any measure. But now, thanks to iPhone FM transmitters, you can enjoy your iPhone’s features safely in the car.

As more and more people continue to integrate mobile devices such as iPhones and Blackberries into their daily lives, the dangers of texting and talking on a mobile phone, as well as listening to music on an iPod or .mp3 device with earbuds while in the car, are causing an increasing number of car accidents in Australia. Australian laws continue to get more strict in order to curb the trend, but a recent scientific survey reveals that, in spite of the tougher laws, many drivers continue to engage in these dangerous practices.

The Medical Journal of Australia did a thorough investigation of the issue and found that “an estimated 57.3% of drivers have used a mobile phone and 12.4% have written text messages” while driving, and that “men, younger drivers, and metropolitan residents were more likely to use a phone while driving and to report a higher frequency of use.” Even more alarming is that “almost 40% of drivers who use a phone while driving did not have a hands-free device.” This of course means that a majority of Australians are talking or texting on their phone while driving with just one hand on the wheel.

Fortunately, hands-free devices such as iPhone FM transmitters are making it easy and affordable for iPhone and other mobile phone users to get the most out of their mobile computing lifestyle — even while driving.

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New iPhone FM Transmitter Offers Same Quality & Features as Griffin’s iTrip at Half the Price!

iphone fm transmitteriPhone FM transmitters allow you to get your tunes out of your earbuds and into your car’s speakers. But why spend the money on name-brand iPhone FM transmitters like Griffin’s iTrip when there are lower-priced alternatives?

There’s no doubt that the iPod and iPhone completely revolutionised the way that we buy and listen to music. With a few finger strokes and a set of earbuds, your entire music collection is available at a moment’s notice in a compact, sophisticated mobile device.

But what about those of us who want to quickly and easily play our iPhone music collection on our car stereo? After all, there’s a big difference between listening to music on earbuds and having it thunder through speakers. If you want to get the music on your iPhone into your car, you’re going to need an iPhone FM transmitter.

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Sanyo Eneloop Product Line, Prices Continue to Increase

Photo from

More and more Sanyo Eneloop gadgets are hitting the market, giving consumers new and innovative ways to use rechargeable battery technology. But are the prices of these newfangled Sanyo Eneloop gadgets eliminating the savings of using rechargeable batteries altogether?

Up until recently, when you saw the name “Sanyo Eneloop,” you typically thought of their industry-leading rechargeable batteries or one of their AA battery chargers. However, the past year or so has revealed a new research and design effort on the part of the Sanyo Eneloop brand to expand the use of its rechargeable batter technology and brach out into new and sometimes unusual new gadgets that go beyond a simple rechargeable battery or AA battery charger.

For example, we reported a while back about the Sanyo Eneloop Stick Booster, which allows mobile gadget users to recharge their devices using nothing more than simple AA Sanyo Eneloop rechargeable batteries. The more recent and exotic Sanyo Eneloop invention is its slight odd battery-powered bicycle, which uses rechargeable battery power to assist the rider on slopes and hills. Continuing on this trend, Sanyo Eneloop has now released yet another rechargeable battery-inspired gadget for guitarists: Pedal Juice.

For those of you who may not know, guitarists often use a series of effects pedals that plug in between the electric guitar and amplifier, which alter and enhance the tone of the guitar signal. The vast majority of these effects pedals use 9 volt batteries, and so many guitarists spend time and money before each gig changing out batteries in their pedals, which proves to be cumbersome. However, most effects pedals feature an AC adaptor jack, and many guitarists opt to “plug in ” their pedals instead of using batteries.

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Apple’s Discontinuation of Free iPhone 4 Case Raises Questions, Rumors

The free iPhone 4 bumper was a quick fix to “Antennagate.” But now that Apple is giving up on the program, what does that mean for iPhone users in the near future?

If you go back to July 16th, 2010, when Steve Jobs both praised the iPhone 4 and simultaneously admitted that it had a design flaw with its antenna, you’ll see a moddled and confusing public relations pattern with Apple and its “problem child” iPhone. From the beginning, Apple has struggled to control the message surrounding the newest iteration of its groundbreaking smartphone: as soon as the iPhone 4 prototype got out into the open, the PR and marketing arm of the world’s most ingenious technology company has had to play catch-up with the blistering criticism of the tech media ever since.

Inasmuch as the free iPhone 4 bumper programme was seen as a crude workaround unworthy of such a high performance piece of technology like the iPhone, it was indeed an “ugly but efficient” solution to the problem. However, now that Apple is abandoning its iPhone 4 case programme — after only 75 days in operation — what can be deduced from this new chapter in the iPhone 4 saga?

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Sanyo Eneloop Stick Booster Brings AA Rechargeable Battery Power To Mobile Gadgets

Sanyo Eneloop’s new stick booster is a new take on the standard ideas of what a battery charger is, letting the lowly AA rechargeable battery boost any mobile device with a dying battery.

In the world of batteries, there is nothing more ubiquitous than the AA battery. Although I have no quantitative data to back it up, the vast majority of battery powered devices in the world today take AA batteries. Even many C and D batteries are nothing more than AA batteries that have been “repackaged” into one larger cell. While Lithium Ion battery packs are certainly more sophisticated and offer a longer lasting charge, there is nothing more straightforward than AA rechargeable batteries.

Sanyo Eneloop knows this well, since they are the clear product leaders in the rechargeable batteries market.

Their newest offering, the Stick Booster, allows gadget users to wield the power of the AA rechargeable battery in order to give a quick, albeit temporary boost to the gadget of their choice.

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5 iPad Accessories That Aren’t a Waste of Money

Most of the iPad accessories out there are pointless at best, and border on being absurd. While apps are probably the best “ipad accessories” you can invest in, there are some physical, tangible accessories that you just shouldn’t go without.

Over the past decade, there has been a growing trend in the computer accessories market, where apps and software are being seen more as “accessories” and the physical, tangible additions to your gadgets are more and more like “novelties.” This is especially true with the iPad. We’ve explored some of the absurd iPad accessories on the market today in an earlier article, acknowledging that the most innovative and useful additions to your iPad will most likely be app-based.

However, we were able to find a few key iPad accessories that do not occupy cyberspace and are actually worth investing in. Here is our quick rundown of 5 iPad accessories that aren’t a complete waste of money:

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Advanced Apps, Features Minimize Interest in iPad Accessories Market

Aside from iPad cases, you aren’t likely to find a wide range of useful iPad accessories, thanks to an ever-increasing number of innovative apps and features.

Electronics accessories have always been a kind of “micro-market” surrounding the world of computers and gadgets. For every one Apple, HP, or Blackberry, there are literally hundreds of accessories designers and manufacturers, ranging from the predictable to innovative, and from cheap to expensive. It is, to be sure, a parasitic industry that relies on a fresh, steady stream of new gadget wizardry to stay afloat.

However, over the past few years, gadget users have shied away from investing in accessories.

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