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Ansmann: The Total RC Car Package


ansmann rc car and batteries

If you’re passionate about remote controlled cars, then you know how critical it is to have a reliable set of rc batteries. Read our article about what Ansmann brings to the rc car — and battery — scene:

The good people at Ansmann have proven that they care about batteries. They’ve shown they can make a solid product for a fair price. But they have taken their dedication one step further. Rather than just churning out a solid, reliable, powerful rechargeable battery that can be used in a multitude of devices with excellent results, they have proven they want to be the one and only stop for someone that wants outstanding R/C gear across the board.

A Comprehensive Business

Ansmann rechargeable batteries are quality in their own right. They can stand alone in a field of fierce competition. The people at Ansmann are not willing to rest on their laurels and simply let their products get plugged into inferior machines, where their power could be totally wasted. They wanted more. They wanted a business plan that takes the R/C racing world in its totality.

Now introducing, in the first lane: Ansmann Racing. Continue reading ‘Ansmann: The Total RC Car Package’


RC Enthusiasts Rejoice


If you’re a fan of Remote Control (RC) devices, or even just a weekend warrior, you know how important your battery is. You would not spend painstaking hours refining your vehicle, be it boat, plane, car, or helicopter and then not put premium petrol into it. Nor do you want an inferior battery in your RC equipment.

The people at Ansmann agree.

If you have been buying your rc batteries from an inferior retailer, and then upgraded to a premium battery, you know how much better your RC devices perform. You know that to get the best response time, power, performance, and durability out of your machine, you need a batttery that can make it purr, make it hum, or make it roar. You also know that a bargain battery will give you less power over less time.

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Remote Controlled Vehicles – a Toy for All Ages

rc car batteriesOriginally, the remote controlled car was a basic toy, typically for children, typically for boys. Also called radio controlled, and shortened at times to “RC cars,” the first ever of these toys was released in the late 1960s and early 1970s. It was an incredible time in which the simple act of a moving vehicle without the need for human touch was fun for children of all ages. Throughout the years, there have been a variety of additions to the remote controlled car that created the ability to move the car forward and backwards, steer the vehicle, and more. Shortly thereafter, watercraft that was controlled remotely was produced, and the next step was aircraft.


Now, if it exists in full size, there is likely a remote controlled version of the vehicle. You can find helicopters, airplanes, boats, big trucks, sports cars, and more. There are even remote controlled fish that swim at the touch of a button. These toys are not just for children, either. Adults can have fun with these remote controlled vehicles, and there are RC races in many locations, where the race takes place around a track and remote controlled cars are the racers.

One of the biggest downfalls to this type of toy has always been the battery life.

rc battery chargerThe majority of remote controlled cars have always used rechargeable batteries, but before rechargeable batteries were such an often-used product, they didn’t charge very fast or have much life after charging. You could charge your remote controlled car battery overnight, and even at fully charged you would only get to play with it for a maximum of 30 minutes before the battery would need to be charged again. With so rechargeable batteries and chargers available in so many brands and types now, however, this no longer has to be the case. You can find the best rechargeable battery brand for you that is the perfect size to work in your favorite remote controlled car, and you can get much more playtime than ever before. With fast battery chargers, you can recharge your RC batteries and begin using your vehicle again much more quickly than in the past.

In the past, you also could not purchase extra batteries to keep on hand. This is no longer the case, though. You can easily purchase extra rechargeable batteries that will fit your favorite remote controlled car, airplane, or boat, and have more than one battery fully charged when you begin usage. This way, you at least double your time before the vehicle will run out of juice. Plus, you can find better rechargeable batteries, with many options, so you can get longer usage out of each rechargeable battery as well. Being able to use remote controlled vehicles for longer than ever before makes them a much more appealing option as a toy that will never fade as a favorite for adults and children alike.

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RC Batteries or Nitro/Petrol-Power for Remote Control Cars? The Answer Is Simple

rc batteryWhen investing in a hobbyist-grade remote controlled car, buyers are often confused as to whether to invest in a car powered by an rc battery or by petrol/nitro. But when you compare the two options, the choice is clear for most racers.

If you walk into any toy store today, you’ll be amazed at some of the affordable remote controlled cars and trucks available as “toys.” While most of these cars and trucks appear to be the same size, scale, and performance level of a hobbyist-grade remote controlled car, early enthusiasts quickly learn that moving up to a more advanced remote controlled car has a lot of benefits. Namely, broken parts can be replaced, tires, motors, and other components can be changed out and modified, and the overall performance can be greatly improved.

However, when you’re ready to move up the next level of remote controlled car, what are you going to invest in — a car powered by rc batteries, or by nitro/petrol?

If you’re coming from a pre-assembled “toy” remote controlled car — even if it is a premium model — the temptation of investing in a nitro/petrol-powered can be temping. They are, after all, among the most high performance remote control car designs, and they perform much more like a real car than a battery-powered remote controlled car.

However, there are also some prohibitive factors to building and racing a ntro/petrol-powered remote controlled car as well. For one, fuel costs a lot of money these days: regular petrol is through the roof, and nitro is even worse — it can run upwards of AUD $40 a gallon! Granted, petrol-powered remote controlled cars burl fuel at a much faster pace than nitro-powered ones, but in either case, fueling your car will be an ongoing cost for your hobby, not to mention that fuel-powered cars and trucks are among the most expensive remote controlled vehicles.

Something else to consider is the safety of running a car that uses petrol or nitro, both of which are highly explosive. Many RC enthusiasts like to do their hobby with their children, making it a bit dubious to have flammable, explosive fuel mixing with what is otherwise a toy that children will be prone to want to play with.

NiMH rc battery packs, however, offer a must more cost-effective means of powering your remote controlled car.

With an rc battery pack, you can take advantage of being able to quickly change out spent battery packs on the fly when you’re racing your car. And because rc batteries provide DC power, there is no major risk to handling rc batteries, which means that you can use them around your kids without any problems.

It is true that an rc battery-powered remote controlled car performs less like a real automobile, but in some ways, it might make it easier for you to switch from a beginner’s model remote controlled car to a professional model, since it will respond similarly to what you’re already used to. With a petrol or nitro-powered car, pulling the trigger revvs the engine, much like depressing the accelerator pedal in your car. This means that the acceleration of your car will not respondind immediately like it will with an rc battery pack.

Finally, you simply cannot beat the price comparison between rc battery packs and petrol/nitro. We’ve already demonstrated the lofty prices of fuel. Rc batteries, on the other hand, run anywhere between AUD $20 and $35,00, which means that you can easily invest in a few rc battery packs and charge them cyclically while racing.

It may be tempting to invest in a very high performance petrol/nitro racer. But when it comes to price value, performance, and safety, an rc battery-powered racer is the most obvious choice.


Thanks for reading our article! Hey, did you know that Electronics Warehouse carries a wide range of NiMH rechargeable rc batteries at great prices? Plus, as an added bonus, use promo code EWBLOG for an additional 10% off your purchase, plus fast FREE shipping Australia wide, just for reading this blog. Act now!


A Beginner’s Guide To Everything You Need to Know About RC Cars and Trucks

RC bnatteriesMany people are interested in RC cars and trucks, but they don’t know where to start.

The first thing you need to know about RC cars, is there are three main types available. There is electric, nitro/gas, and truck that is available in electric or nitro. The RC cars you get at a regular store are called “toy grade” and the ones you purchase on a website are called “hobby grade.” Beginners and professionals alike can use hobby grade cars because they are built to last longer than the toy grade cars.

You can purchase an RC car that is RTR (ready-to-run) or an assemble it yourself kit. Many believe that RTR cars are slower than assemble-it-yourself cars. However, RTR vehicles can reach speeds of up to 80 miles per hour and come in nitro-fueled and electric powered types. If you want to go the assemble-it-yourself route, you should purchase a car that is fully customizable. Some brands to look at are; Tamiya, Kyosho, Team Losi, HPI Racing, and Team Associated. Home users and professional RC drivers use brands like these all the time.

RTR vehicles are good for beginners, but sooner or later, you will have to replace something on the vehicle. You might run into some problems because you aren’t too familiar about where certain parts go. If you start out with an assemble-it-yourself, you will know where parts go and it will be easier to replace parts when the time comes. Continue reading ‘A Beginner’s Guide To Everything You Need to Know About RC Cars and Trucks’

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