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The Island of Tasmania: Australia in its Natural State

There are few places on earth that posses the many faces of natural beauty than Australia and its surrounding islands. From the stark, rugged beauty of its arid outback to the wet, flora-rich tips of the north, Australia is a continent that represents nearly every climate, terrain, and shade of nature found on earth. Because of its wealth of natural spectacles, Australian culture has learned not to conquer nature, but to live in harmony with it. Nowhere in the country is this more obvious than the island of Tasmania.

Tasmania is part of the southeast corner of the Australian continent that, along with the territory around Victoria and New South Wales on the mainland, is considered to be of temperate climate. Yet, because the island of Tasmania sits some 240 kilometres (150 mi) south of the eastern side of Australia, is has remained remarkably untouched by industry and overdevelopment, particularly in recent generations. Nearly 37% of Tasmania is protected by national reserves, and a new generation of a committed “Green movement” have made tremendous strides to continue to protect the habitat and environment.

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