Warning! Beware of Cheap, Dangerous Battery Chargers from Asia Being Sold On eBay!

dangerous battery chargerSometimes the saying “You get what you pay for” is not entirely accurate. Sometimes a product that is made to be friendly for the budget is not only made cheaply, but dangerously. These products carry with them much more than you pay for. They carry a mass of risk and the potential for long-lasting harm to the person as well as individual property.

Recently there have been a rash of hazardous NIMH battery chargers offered through various online sources – including eBay – that are extremely cheap. They are also little more than time bombs in the guise of battery rechargers.

This article is to serve as a public service announcement against these extremely dangerous, low-quality, Chinese-made NiMH battery chargers.

Australian Safety Standards for NiMH Battery Chargers

Whenever electronics are imported, they are supposed to adhere to the safety standards set forth by the country. This is true for any electronic item that is going to be distributed by a retailer, but can be circumvented using direct eCommerce sites like eBay. Since the product is essentially a contract between parties that exists outside of ordinary import and distribution laws, they are treated as common mail, not subject to governmental safety intervention.

This means the only safety guarantee they have is a “Use at Your Own Risk,” which is offered by a company that is also not subject to Australian laws, because they sometimes exist outside of the shores of the country. As such, they cannot be pursued for legal damages in the event of loss of property or life.

Sadly, loss of property and / or life (or at least limb) is exactly what these cheap, Chinese-made NiMH battery chargers may bring as an accessory.

Within Australia, there are stringent standards for any and all consumer electronics. They are governed by the Electricity Act of 1945 in WA and similar acts, such as the Tasmanian Electricity Industry Safety and Administration Act of 1997, which declares the exact standards that all electrical devices must adhere to in order to be sold in Australia. Anything that does not fit within these standards is disallowed by government sanction because those products are unsafe. Unsafe electrical equipment can cause any number of household problems, from power surges to blown fuses to sparking and catching fire, leaving homes and lives in ash.

Many of these imported AA battery chargers do not fit within the guidelines set forth by the Electricity Act, making them potentially deadly appliances.

C-Tick NiMH Battery Charger

In addition to failing the governmental standards, these AA battery chargers often do not meet with certification from C-Tick or the SAA, two organisations that are accredited by the Joint Accreditation Service of Australia and New Zealand as third party certification institutions. They are fully permitted to allow or deny Electrical Product Safety Approval for Australia and New Zealand. Very few of these inexpensive, imported, eCommerce battery chargers receive the official stamp of approval from the SAA, and you should never purchase an NiMH battery charger without the official C-Tick or SAA stamps on them. In addition, SAA-certified charger should also display the approval number as well.

Cheap, Chinese-made Battery Chargers: Know The Dangers!

Not only are these products unsafe from an electrical standpoint, which can lead to severe property damage in the form of fire and power interruption, but the outlet adaptors lack insulation, which makes them ripe for electrocution. There have been several deaths related to non-insulated power outlet adaptors. When a person removes the plug from the outlet and it is half pulled-out from the socket, often a piece of jewelry or contact with another metal object will send a fatal shock into their body.

Imported products often have some faults. They require certain special attention and consideration. However, with these discount NiMH battery chargers, what you get is not a difficult or moody appliance, but a game of Russian Roulette.

Beware of HK eBay sellers who sell battery chargers with adaptors like these to Australian customers!

Saving money by buying online requires care and supervision. What looks like a bargain on the surface can become a destructive nightmare. The best way to ensure that you avoid products like these dangerous NiMH battery chargers is to buy from retailers and distributors that are located locally, following all the necessary standards of both the government and the SAA. It might be more costly than the products shipped in from around the world, but you can rest assured that your home and life are secure; and that peace of mind is worth any difference in cost.

Dangerous, Dodgy Adaptors

One of the biggest problems with purchasing cheap NiMH battery chargers from Hong Kong retailers on eBay is the fact that many of them are not equipped with Australian plugs. Instead, these already dangerous battery chargers use a U.S. or Euro plug, along with a series of dodgy, dangerous adaptors. Dut to the low quality and poor performance of both the battery charger and the adaptor, this area is often what results in fires and injury.

A high-quality NiMH battery charger must feature either a proper plug that works in Australia is critical to ensuring that you are using a safe, reliable electronic device. It is true that you can locate and use travel adaptors for Australian battery chargers, provided they are fully licensed and certified to be safe. However, purchasing one of these cheap NiMH battery chargers from Hong Kong retails on eBay means that you’ll be using a dangerous adaptor on your battery charger all of the time, greatly increasing the likelihood of an accident.

Have you had any bad experiences with buying overseas battery chargers? We’d love to hear about them!

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