Cool rechargeable battery innovations that could revolutionize our future

Have you ever thought how different your life would be if all your electronic devices had to be plugged in to work? Not very convenient or portable now, are they? You would have to get up to change the channel on the TV, there would not be such a thing as a portable phone, or laptop that could be unplugged. We would have wires running everywhere!

Forget starting your car without being near an outlet, if the engine was shut off, there would not be a way to restart it. Regardless of the technology, there is typically some sort of battery inside that keeps the device going that we are not even aware of.

As detailed by Ovo Energy:

“Modern life as we know it owes a lot to the humble battery, the first incarnation of which came about in 1800. From the cumbersome monsters used in cars to the tiny lithium dots in watches, batteries are an integral part of our lives and have three main components: two electrodes (the positive anode and the negative cathode) and a medium called an electrolyte, which allows positively charged ions to move between the electrodes in balance with the flow of negatively charged electrons – this is the ‘useful current’, or the battery’s ‘zap’, for want of a better term.
The batteries we know and love are usually little cylindrical AA types – the kind that power TV remotes and cameras. Alas, as crucial as they’ve been to technological evolution, they’re not so great for the environment; they’re difficult and dangerous to get rid of, and their disposable nature means they’re pretty wasteful, too. But like all things in these techy times, plans are afoot to make batteries slimmer, cheaper, more efficient and better for the environment.”

We have some fascinating new technology coming soon that will only improve our interdependence upon the rechargeable battery. New discoveries such as Graphene, Flexible lithium-ion, as well as lithium-air batteries, where even oxygen is used as a catalyst.
By Michael Nace

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