Discovering the Power of the New iPad 3 Battery


Although a variety of companies were in competition to be the provider of the new battery for the New iPad for Apple, it appears there is only one maker currently that could meet the needs of the new device. Read on to learn which company it is, and the interesting facts about the battery itself.

Just as there were many people waiting on the edge of their seats for the release of the new iPad for their personal use, there were some people waiting just as excitedly to be able to take it apart and discover the secrets of the inner workings and its design. Shortly after the New iPad was released, the experts at iFixit were ready and willing to tear down the device and see what type of battery had been designed to power the new features. The new retina display and other additional features in the New iPad 3 would require much more battery power than the previous iPad 2. The tricky part of designing this rechargeable battery with longer life is that Apple did not want to create a much thicker device. After all, they took great pains to make a much smaller edition than the original when they came out with the second edition.

What they discovered when taking apart the New iPad 3 was that, although the new model is only a tiny .6 mm thicker than the second generation, the battery itself is was increased in power from 25 Whr on the iPad 2 all the way to 42.5 Whr on the newest model of battery. However, not only was this increased charge for the battery interesting and promising, particularly given that the thickness was increased by such a small amount it is barely noticeable. In addition, although slightly less, it was still surprising that this great battery was supplied solely by Samsung. The competitors in the rechargeable batteries industry, such as LG and Sharp, are sure to offer their models soon, but apparently got beat out by the one rechargeable battery that is currently included in the New iPad 3.

Not only is it interesting to see what they have been able to do with the new design, by keeping it super-thin while providing even more power, but it begs the question – what is next? How thin or small will these devices continue to become while gaining in power? With the innovations of today, one thing is for sure – experts such as those at Ifixit are sure to be waiting for each new advancement in technology in rechargeable batteries.

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