EcoSwitch Standby Energy Saver Solves “Vampire Electronics” Problem


The EcoSwitch makes it easy for consumers to control the amount of wasted electricity running through unused “vampire electronics.”

You may recall an article we posted back in October about “vampire electronics” —  devices and cables that are left plugged in on a regular basis — and how they cost consumers and the world a great deal in wasted money and energy. Some analysts believe that $10 billion is wasted a year worldwide in energy from cables and chargers that remain plugged in even when no device is connected to them.

The fact of the matter is, when an electrical item is plugged in, even if it is turned off, it is still drawing power from the electrical socket. For a single device, this may not seem like much of a concern. But when you consider how many electrical devices that remain plugged in in just one household, it’s easy to see how quickly the waste and cost could rack up.

At the same time, it’s also understandable that constantly plugging and unplugging electrical devices on a regular basis is tedious and unrealistic for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

fortunately, the EcoSwitch Standby Energy Saver has solved the issue, making it easy for consumers to turn electronic devices on and off without wasting electricity and money.

EcoSwitch specs

The key behind the EcoSwitch is twofold: first, it moves the electrical point of contact from “hidden” areas in a room — electrical sockets hidden behind tables, chairs, sofa, beds, and desks — and places them in a reachable, convenient place for consumers to access. Does this just sound like a glorified extension cord? It isn’t. The the problem with an extension cord is that it serves only as an extension of the problem: if you unplug your mobile phone charger from the end of the extension cord, it continues to draw power from the outlet.

Second, the EcoSwitch gives users a green switch that allows them to completely turn power on and off for all of the devices plugged into it. And when it’s “off,” it is truly off — no vampire electronics effect.

There are several great places to use the EcoSwitch: one is next to one’s bed, where invariably smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices get charged every evening. With the rise in popularity of charging stations that allow gadget users to charger several devices from one charge point, a a charging station can be easily plugged into the EcoSwitch, as can any plug-in charger cable.

Another great use for the EcoSwitch is next to an entertainment system. A television, DVD player, stereo, and gaming system can all be controlled easily with one EcoSwitch, allowing consumers to save tons of money and energy.

If the idea that you’re wasting electricity on “vampire electronics” bothers you, but you feel unable to do anything about it, the EcoSwitch is a perfect option: a convenient solution to a big problem.

Thanks for reading our article! Are you ready to purchase an EcoSwitch for your home? .


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