Electrocution In China Using Unauthorized iPhone Battery Charger Underscores Dangers

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Here on the Electronics Warehouse blog, we’ve talked more than once about the dangers of cheap, unauthorized, or otherwise dodgy rechargeable battery products made in mainland China. Usually, we’ve reported on rechargeable battery brands that are known to catch fire, explore, or at best, underperform, such as BTY rechargeable batteries, or Ultrafire rechargeable batteries, which actually catch fire!

The biggest story to hit the news about dangerous battery products, however, came late last week, and this time, the story involved battery chargers.

The story out of China reported that a woman was electrocuted while attempting to recharge her iPhone. The story really took off, since at first, all of the big tech news outlets carried the story as a possible indicator that there was some kind of quality issue with Apple iPhones in China. However, as the story has evolved, what has become more apparent is that the electrocution was not the result of the iPhone, but rather the cheap, unauthorized iPhone battery charger attached to it.

According to MacWorld Australia:

Contrary to initial reports and claims made by her sister, Chinese state media, CCTV, has claimed that she may have been using an unauthorised battery charger, according to a report in the South China Morning Post . . .  The station interviewed a telecommunications expert named Xiang Ligang, who suggested that Ma may have been using a ‘knock-off’ or fake Apple charger. “Knock-off chargers sometimes cut corners,” Xiang told CCTV. “The quality of the capacitor and circuit protector may not be good, and this may lead to the capacitor breaking down and sending 220 volts of electricity directly into the cellphone battery.”

Mainland China is notorious for fake and knockoff Apple products — in fact, there are stores in Beijing that even look like official Apple stores, but are in fact knockoff stores, selling almost an entire complete line of fake Apple products. Truth be told, it stands to reason that not only the battery charger may have been a knockoff, but the iPhone itself as well.

One of the many problems with China is that all of its Communist-style regulations mean nothing, so long as business owners are able to bribe government officials. Because of this, consumers are not protected, and can be easily taken advantage of, products like rechargeable batteries and battery chargers can be produced by circumventing critical safety standards.

When it comes to battery chargers, it is essential that the device you are using is fully certified and tested. All of the battery chargers sold at Electronics Warehouse pass official Australian certification and, when used in conjunction with high quality batteries, offer safe, reliable functionality for years to come.

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