New Energizer 15-minute NiMH Battery Charger Cooks Rechargeable Batteries

The new Energizer 15-minute NiMH Battery Charger may be the fastest on the market, but quality and safety are a big concern.

When shopping for a new NiMH battery charger, there are plenty of different factors to consider, and we’ve addressed a lot of them in a previous article on our blog. But all in all, the biggest feature when it comes to rechargeable batteries and NiMH battery chargers is charge time; the faster you can charge up your rechargeable batteries, the better.

For years, so-called “fast chargers” have gotten faster and faster, with some AAA and AA battery charger models now able to complete a charge in as little as 4 hours or so. However, Energizer’s new and ultra-fast AA battery charger represents the new “muscle car” in the world of NiMH battery chargers, charging up AA and AAA rechargeable batteries in 15 minutes flat.

The question is, how fast is too fast when it comes to NiMH battery chargers?

Anyone who has ever worked with battery chargers and rechargeable batteries knows that batteries can become quite hot when being charged. While rechargeable batteries heating up is safe and normal with most battery chargers, a lot of early feedback on Energizer’s 15-minute NiMH battery charger is indicating that the heat level generated is alarming — and destructive.

If you don’t believe me, take a look at some of the wide-ranging comments on the world’s top online retailer (the one that begins with an “A”).

Out of 52 customer reviews, 15 people rate Energizer’s new battery charger with just one star, and if you read the comments, all of them complain about the same thing: the ultra-fast charge “cooks” rechargeable batteries, destroying them after just a few charges.

The Energizer 15-minute battery charger comes with 4 of Energizer’s own rechargeable batteries — 2 AAs and 2 AAAs. But these are not specially formulated to work with the 15-minute charger. Some previous 15-minute NiMH battery charger designs, such as Varta’s AAA and AA battery charger, comes with its own special set of rechargeable batteries that can hold up to the rigors of such a fast charge. With the Energizer, however, rechargeable batteries simply cannot handle the high level of current over a long period of time.

While rechargeable battery users are always looking for faster NiMH battery chargers, a faster charge time isn’t worth the destruction of your rechargeable batteries. After all, buying and using rechargeable batteries is not like buying disposable batteries; rechargeable batteries are a long-term investment. Some people buy them for environmental concerns — others buy them for their cost-cutting qualities. Whatever the reason, the real key is to be able to use your rechargeable batteries for months or years to come. Choosing an NiMH battery charger like the Energizer 15-minute charger runs the risk of ruining your rechargeable battery investment?

So, what’s the best alternative?

There are plenty of AAA and AA battery chargers on the market today that can quickly and efficiently charge your rechargeable batteries. Fast chargers can give your AA and AAA rechargeable batteries a high quality charge in about half of the time as a standard NiMH battery charger. And because their charge time is steady and reasonable, there is little if any chance of these battery chargers cooking your rechargeable batteries.

The best strategy is to have 3 or 4 packs of batteries on standby and put them onto a 3 or 4 hour charger as soon as they are spent. In the end, this will be a safer and more cost-effective approach versus Energizer’s “quick fix” 15-minute NiMH  battery charger.

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1 Response to “New Energizer 15-minute NiMH Battery Charger Cooks Rechargeable Batteries”

  1. 1 NRS2 Nov 20th, 2013 at 7:37 pm

    the older 15min AA and AAA charger has worked for me for about 15 years now. Not one problem. Batteries get warm but there is a fan on it and this thing works fast. I wouldnt sell it for nothing! The Energizer charger and the batteries are IMO the best. Ive tried um all.

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