Get The Best Value Out Of Your Children’s Toys by Using Rechargeable Batteries

Leapfrog's "Baby Tad" - a battery guzzler.

Rechargeable batteries are often thought of as accessories for gadgets and electronics. But children’s toys, more than any other consumer product on the market today, put the highest battery demand on households.

If you’re searching the blogosphere for articles about the best rechargeable batteries, it may be that you’re looking to make a long-term battery investment for your digital camera, Flip video camera, or other electronic gadget. But year after year, we see electronic devices like iPods, digital cameras, and other hand-held gadgets switching from AA and AAA battery power to proprietary rechargeable battery packs that cut out the need for AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. If this is the case, then why does the rechargeable battery market continue to grow and innovate?

A primary reason is that one particular sector of consumer products has significantly increased its dependence on AA and AAA rechargeable batteries: toys. For those of us who have children under the age of 13, one quickly realises that virtually every toy on the market today makes some kind of sound or song, or otherwise features a series of interactive features that are battery powered. Infant and toddler toys are perhaps the most battery-dependent, with the vast majority of name-brand toys such as Fisher-Price requiring battery power for virtually every baby toy imaginable.

If you find yourself up to your ears in toddler toys, then you’ll quickly realise that feeding them disposable alkaline batteries is a completely unsustainable situation; you’ll be buying batteries every week! Rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, allow you to make a one-time investment and continue to recycle batteries in your children’s toys as needed. The following is a list of toy categories that require the most battery juice and as a result are best suited for rechargeable batteries.

Educational Toys

Educational toys have become a huge toy sub-market. Originally designed for children between the ages of 4 and up, educational toys are now starting to stretch into the beginnings of toddlerdom, and it isn’t unusual for educational toys to be geared towards children as young as two years old. Companies like V-Tech and Leapfrog are leading the way in educational toys, and they are now making amazingly interactive toys and games that are specifically designed to give your kids a leg up on even pre-school education.

These sorts of educational toys, however, are notorious for sucking down battery power. All of V-Tech and Leapfrog’s toys — even their stuffed animals — utilise microchip technology to power their interactive features. Because of this, many of their toys put high demand on even premium alkaline batteries. Toys like Leapfrog’s Leapster — a hand-held educational gaming device — is a perfect choice for rechargeable batteries, since the processing power of the game quickly uses up battery power, and the device itself it apt to make your toddler a gaming junkie after the first day of using it. The Leapster takes 4 AA batteries, so a set of 8 AA rechargeable batteries will ensure non-stop gaming, which is a must for car trips and rainy days.

Stuffed Animals

Long gone are the days of simple stuffed animals. Many of them nowadays feature lights, sounds, and front panels on their bellies that allow babies to interact with them. Similar to educational games and toys, these sorts of battery-powered stuffed animals use MIDI Technology to create the music and songs that they play; they are not simply playing recorded tunes, but rather are perforning the songs using a simple on-board synthesizer. Because many parents like to use these stuffed animals’ nighttime lullabies to put their children to sleep, having rechargeable batteries on hand can mean the difference between getting your child to sleep the easy way or the hard way.

A good example of these toys is Leapfrog’s Baby Tad and Violet stuffed animals. They provide up to 10 minutes of nighttime music, along with soothing lights. But both of these stuffed animals take 4 AA batteries and can use them up rather quickly. Having an extra set of AA rechargeable batteries, however, allows ongoing play of your Baby Tad or Violet each night.

Batteries That Outlast Toys

The fact is, rechargeable batteries will always be useful for your child’s toy collection, even as he or she moves on to the next generation of toys. Now, infant, toddler, and child-level toys all generally use AA and AA batteries, so the rechargeable batteries you invest in for your infant’s toys will be useable for years to come. Because you’ll be investing in toys for quite a long time, it makes total sense to make the investment into the batteries that keep them all going a one-time thing.

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