HDMI Goes Mobile

hdmi mobileOne of the most notable dreams in technology has been the seamless integration between computer, television, telephone, and home theater system. With the availability of digital media a new way to transfer and use High Definition video and audio has been moving onto mobile devices, allowing HDMI connections for Smartphones and digital cameras as well as laptop computers and tablet PCs.

Initially the inclusion of mobile HDMI ports onto phones and cameras seemed a niche concept. Transferring video from another source to the tiny screens on phones and tablets seemed unnecessary, while the HDMI output from these devices was often grainy and didn’t convert into true High Definition. As the display capabilities improved and the pixilation of both cameras and phones were increased to record in high definition, internal hard drives also grew. They became capable of carrying the necessary capacity and HD became much more viable as a use with the small devices. All of it carried on a single cable connection between the phone or camera and a High Definition television.

Many Smartphones are able to utilize the highest in HDMI definition, able to broadcast in full 1080i / 1080p with full surround sound to go with the eye popping picture density. They can stream directly from the phone onto the television screen, making shooting home videos instantaneous and turning a Smartphone into nothing less than a professional grade recording device that transforms Christmas morning into a blockbuster affair.

hdmi cable

Even more fascinating is that thanks to the new technology developed by NXP Semiconductors (among others) users now have full control of these HDMI Smartphones transferred directly from the television remote. For playback purposes there doesn’t need to be any fumbling with the controls on the phone itself, but rather such features as play, fastforward, rewind, and pause can be accomplished with the remote control that already controls the television. This is accomplished by using the Input / Output capabilities inherent in HDMI cables. It creates a feedback information loop where the television acts as both a command and control module for the HD input as well as display.

Where there once was a grainy display that had no place being broadcast on an impressive television, now there is seamless conversion from the cameras to the HD resolution. Where once there was a few minutes of streaming video, now there are phones that can run for up to seven hours of high definition sound and picture, stored on the smallest of devices.

hdmi mobile smartphoneMany technology gurus are predicting that the addition of an HDMI port to mobile phones and digital cameras will reduce the cost of media production as well as offer independent filmmakers, photographers, and visual artists a whole digital realm in which their wares can be more easily created and distributed, helping to allow more independent voices to be heard.

More commonly with any device that comes on the market it is not enough that it simply be a good phone, a solid computer, or even a decent television. Now the question for any device is “What else can it do for me?” or “How quickly can I add this into the other gadgetry in my life?” The transition from a group of different uses to a single web of interconnected operations is quickly becoming a reality where phones and computers can talk as easily to a television as to each other.  The boundaries are becoming blurrier and the abilities are multiplying at an exponential rate, where the sum of the whole far exceeds that of the parts.

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