Hydrogen-Powered “Reactor” Offers Perhaps The Cleanest, Greenest Battery Power Yet

brunton hydrogen core

To be sure, there’s a lot of continued debate over the use of nuclear power in generating electricity. Whilst some people say that it is by far the “cleanest” form of power available — in that nuclear reactions don’t belch smoke — others say that the nuclear waste is a major problem in disposing of, and the possibility of a core meltdown is just too risky.

Fortunately for us, this new concept in battery power technology is not exactly “fission” or “fusion” — even though the name might suggest it.

Brunton reactor Unit

Brunton’s new Reactor Charger has turned some heads at the OutDoor trade show in Germany recently, offering hikers and outdoorsmen a really clever, sustainable, and effective power source when they find themselves in the middle of nowhere. The device uses a Hydrogen core as its fuel (the device comes with two Hydrogen “cores”), and mixes the Hydrogen gas with oxygen taken right from the air to produce an electrical charge.

The Reactor produces 2 amps at 5 volts — enough power  to recharge an iPhone fully five to six times, and equivalent to 15+ AA batteries worth of power. Brunton’s Reactor also features a cool Optimiser button on top of the device that manages the power output accord to whatever is plugged into it.

From an environmental standpoint, it can be argued that the Reactor is better than solar chargers, since there is no need for a sunny day — as long as there is air, you can make electricity with the device. There is nothing toxic about it — just the Hydrogen cores, which put off zero fumes. The device will launch in November 2013 and will retail for around AUD$224, which will also include two Hydrogen cells. Additional cells will cost around AUD$22 a piece, and you’ll also be able to recharge the cores for around AUD$7 per cell.

All in all, I think that this is a really viable, new resource for campers and folks who spend time outdoors for any reason. It also begs the question: could this technology eventually be appropriated for devices like laptops, which already have a fan built in? In addition to the AC power source and battery pack, having the ability to plug in a Hydrogen core could someday give laptop users a really viable solution for keeping their computers running even when far away from electricity.

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By Michael Nace

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