iPhone FM Transmitters Make for a Safer, Song-filled Car Ride

iphone fm transmitter

The iPDA® FMtalk iPhone FM Transmitter

Talking, texting and listening to music with earbuds on your iPhone car isn’t safe by any measure. But now, thanks to iPhone FM transmitters, you can enjoy your iPhone’s features safely in the car.

As more and more people continue to integrate mobile devices such as iPhones and Blackberries into their daily lives, the dangers of texting and talking on a mobile phone, as well as listening to music on an iPod or .mp3 device with earbuds while in the car, are causing an increasing number of car accidents in Australia. Australian laws continue to get more strict in order to curb the trend, but a recent scientific survey reveals that, in spite of the tougher laws, many drivers continue to engage in these dangerous practices.

The Medical Journal of Australia did a thorough investigation of the issue and found that “an estimated 57.3% of drivers have used a mobile phone and 12.4% have written text messages” while driving, and that “men, younger drivers, and metropolitan residents were more likely to use a phone while driving and to report a higher frequency of use.” Even more alarming is that “almost 40% of drivers who use a phone while driving did not have a hands-free device.” This of course means that a majority of Australians are talking or texting on their phone while driving with just one hand on the wheel.

Fortunately, hands-free devices such as iPhone FM transmitters are making it easy and affordable for iPhone and other mobile phone users to get the most out of their mobile computing lifestyle — even while driving.

Solving “The iPhone Problem”

There’s no doubt that the iPhone and similar mobile smartphones are among the most advanced mobile electronics on the market today. What makes the iPhone particularly amazing is how it brings together communication, music, and entertainment together in one small, user-friendly package. The problem is that the many of the iPhone’s features do not gel with the driving experience: as we have seen in the study above, talking and texting are extremely dangerous.

And listening to music on your iPhone with earbuds is a no-no as well.

While not yet illegal in Australia, police say that is is extremely dangerous to listen to music on headphones while driving. In a Brisbane Times article, NRMA Insurance spokesman John Halla said, “The issue with headphones is that they can totally block out other sounds. You won’t hear a siren and you won’t hear a horn and that can be dangerous.” Listening to music through your car’s speakers, on the other hand, allows other ambient sounds to be heard, even if you’re listening to music at a relatively high volume.

In this way, the iPhone presents a problem for users who want to drive while talking and listening to music.

How iPhone FM Transmitters Can Solve the Problem

iphone fm transmitter

The iPDA FMtalk iPhone transmitter

Fortunately, iPhone FM transmitters like the iPDA® FMtalk are solving this problem safely and affordably. The iPDA® FMtalk, for example, wirelessly connects the iPhone to a car stereo via FM radio waves, which lets you enjoy the high quality music of your phone and hands-free talk. The control panel features a function button that lets you easily control your iPod, iPhone or iPad remotely with one touch, and also can be used as an answer button for hands-free talk.

In addition, the sound quality for listening to music through the iPDA FMtalk is impressive: this iPhone FM transmitter features high fidelity stereo sound with full frequency range between 88 and 108 MHz, while the Digital Phase Lock Loop (PLL) transmission helps reduce interference. The same is true for talking on the phone: a high-quality, built-in microphone provides superior feedback rejection during calls or recording.

In short, you can now do what you love to do on your iPhone while driving.

If you’re addicted to using your iPhone, don’t play Russian Roulette by using it while driving in your car. Invest in an affordable iPhone FM transmitter like the iPDA FMtalk and enjoy your iPhone in the car safely.

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