Make the Switch to Rechargeable Batteries – A Great New Year’s Resolution!

Vapex Instant AA 2500mAh NIMH Rechargeable BatteriesMany Australians already use rechargeable batteries on some items, simply because that’s what is included with those products. Cell phones, for example, include a rechargeable battery. In most cases, digital cameras also come with rechargeable batteries. By using these types of batteries on these products, the environment benefits and so does your wallet.

But what would the effect be if you switched to rechargeable batteries for everything that takes power?

ou might be surprised to learn exactly how much you have the potential to save by switching disposable batteries of all sizes, including those for your remote control, electronic toys, flashlights, and more. Not only that, but without disposing of all those used-up batteries, we recharge and reuse the same ones, which is beneficial to the environment. When they no longer take a charge, rechargeable batteries can be recycled for free.

According to Planet Ark online, Australians spend, on average, $400 AUD million per year on disposable batteries, resulting in an annual waste of about 8,000 tonnes of disposable batteries! There have been studies that have shown that using rechargeable batteries has a 32 times less negative impact on the environment. So, if you were considering a New Year’s resolution to be more green, making the switch to rechargeable batteries is a great simple step that will accomplish this goal!

While the actual money saved on purchasing rechargeable batteries versus single-use batteries will vary depending on the amount of batteries you need and the usage you have, it is a significant amount for any household. The estimate is that after a maximum of 20 charges on a rechargeable battery, you have broken even on the cost of the recharger and battery (meaning you would have spent this same amount on up to 20 disposable batteries). Then, after that, you are saving money. Considering that most rechargeable batteries can be recharged a minimum of 400 times, this can definitely add up to big savings. So if you have a New Year’s resolution (as so many of us do) of saving money or managing money in a better way, a simple step towards this goal is to switch to rechargeable batteries.

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