Video Reviewer Sprays Water on His iPad Case – With iPad Inside – To Prove It’s Waterproof

Ever wonder if all of the iPad cases that claim to be waterproof actually live up to their claim? This YouTube reviewer put his iPad case to the test and sprayed it with a hose – with his iPad inside!

There’s nothing that poses a bigger threat to your iPad than water. Apple does its best to build sturdy, rugged gadgets that can survive drops (both the falling and water kinds) by using strong PC polycarbonate plastic housings and tight assembly. But the bottom line is this: if moisture gets inside your iPad, it’s fried.

Add to this the fact that the iPad spends a lot of its life outside, and you can start to realize how a waterproof iPad case is an attractive idea for many iPad users.

But do you ever wonder if supposedly “waterproof” products, such as iPad cases, really live up to their own claims? After all, how many people are ever really going to put their waterproof iPad case to the test and risk ruining their iPad?

Well, this crazy YouTube tech reviewer did!

Zain Sehgal, also known as “iglaswegian” on YouTube, actually took a garden hose and sprayed his Uniea Omniverse iPad case with water – while his iPad was in it!

Is he crazy? Brilliant? You decide.

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