A “Tempur-Pedic Mattress” iPad Case for your iPad

Uniea Omniverse iPad CaseIf you’re looking for an iPad case that can seriously protect your iPad from drops, then memory foam is the way to go.

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is one of Newton’s laws of Physics that seems to carry over philosophically into nearly every facet of life. The consumer electronics industry is no exception. Whenever Apple exerts themselves to design and produce a new gadget, the electronics accessories market reacts with equal force. Unfortunately, while apple tends to produce exceptional, high-quality gadgets, the same cannot be said for the majority of cases that are made to protect them. Hence, the “equal and opposite reaction” in consumer electronics.

It didn’t take long for the case manufacturers to start pumping out iPad cases. The first round of iPad case designs that debuted in late April and May were mostly just reverse-engineered cases for iPhones and laptops. Thus far, most of these iPad cases, regardless of how flashy and hip they may seem, have been extremely light on offering protection.

The fact is, most iPad cases are nothing more than “shell cases,” as they are referred to in the industry. A shell case is nothing more than a cheap, decorated piece of molded plastic that snaps onto the underside of your gadget, whether it be an iPod Touch, iPhone, or iPad. A shell case usually wraps around the side of the device and gives you protection from exposure to scratches and minor dirt. For this, the shell-style iPad cases are a great choice.

But what good is a shell-style iPad case going to do you when your iPad takes a header off of your coffee table onto a hardwood floor?

The Incredibly Droppable iPad

More than any other Apple device, the iPad is incredibly susceptible to drops. Laptops like the MacBook and MacBook Pro usually stay put on a table top, and iPhones and iPods are small enough to stay firmly in the grip of your hand. But the iPad is a cumbersome little gadget. It begs to be held. But because you usually hold it with one hand, the other hand has to be free to peruse it. A one-handed grip on a slippery PC polycarbonate plastic shell is a recipe for dropping your iPad — over and over again.

Because of this, a shell iPad case can do very little to protect your iPad from damage sustained from drops. Some shell cases are made out of leather, silicone, or some other rubberized texture that give you a bit more grip, but once you lose that grip, your shell-style iPad case is as likely to shatter into a million pieces as your iPad is. You need more than just a piece of plastic to protect your precious iPad from a nasty drop (or drops).

The Next-Generation iPad Case: a Memory Foam Mattress

The only way that you’re going to effectively protect your iPad is if you leave it in a case that features some kind of padding. Many users, however, shy away from a padded case, assuming that padded iPad cases will be too bulky, and often times they are nothing more than a sleeve or tote that does not allow them to zip it open and use their iPad while it remains safe in the case.

The good news is that both of these objections have been overcome with new iPad case designs.

Thick, bulky foam found in older model laptop bags and cases are now being replaced with premium iPad cases that feature “memory foam.” Memory foam is the same type of space-age material that the famed Tempur-pedic and similar other mattresses use to offer people the ultimate in sleeping comfort. Just like a Tempur-pedic mattress, a memory foam iPad case conforms completely to the shape of the gadget it is protecting. This means that, if the case and gadget is dropped, there’s no open space between the padding and the device to allow it to jostle when it hits the ground.

In addition, the memory foam used in these sorts of iPad cases is much thinner and low-profile than earlier foam products used in laptop cases, assuring the slimmest profile possible for a padded case.

Zip-Open Access is a Must

Of course, the best protection in the world doesn’t do most iPad users any good if the iPad case doesn’t offer easy access to the device. Many people are looking for iPad protection that remains on the device while they are using it. Hence the popularity of shell cases. However, it isn’t impossible to find a sleeve or tote iPad case that actually zips open for access to the iPad while it still remains in the case. When looking for a protective iPad case, be sure to check to see what kind of access it will give you to your device. Otherwise, all you’re buying is a bag.

Don’t Compromise on an iPad Case

The whole point of investing in a cool iPad case is that it will protect your iPad as well as offer easy access and a great look. While you’re likely to find tons of iPad cases that will give you the style and access you are looking for, make sure not to compromise on a case that offers little protection. Don’t be afraid to invest a little more in a protective iPad case. It’s a worthy investment for the even bigger investment you made into your iPad.

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