New Battery Boost Battery Charger Makes Up For Sluggish Battery Packs

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Battery chargers are great for keeping rechargeable batteries constantly charged. But for mobile phone rechargeable battery packs that just can’t hold their charge anymore, the Battery Boost is a perfect option.

I’ve waxed poetic before about the benefits of the unheralded USB jack. You gotta love technology that both provides power and can transfer data simultaneously. Although the power-providing side of the USB ports and jacks are still being perfected, there are many upsides to the technology that makes me believe it may one day replace the common household electrical plug and socket.

While we’re not quite there yet, another new USB-based innovation has hit the market in the realm of battery chargers. Technocel’s Battery Boost is a remarkable little portable battery charger that is designed to come to the rescue of mobile phones, digital cameras, or nearly any other portable gadget with a mini USB port and rechargeable battery pack that suffers from a sluggish charge.

Battery charger designers have toyed with several different ideas on how to give mobile gadget users a portable “boost” to their dying battery packs, many of which have taken the form of solar powered cells on the backs of battery packs. A good idea, to be sure, but alas, solar power has proven to be unreliable for recharging most battery packs.

Technocel’s Battery Boost — which will make its debut in the U.S. with the Sprint Mobile logo on it — instead offers a portable punch of juice for your dying battery, all in a compact keychain-sized package. Plug the Battery Boost battery charger into your phone or other gadget and flip the switch — it’ll add about an hour’s worth of power to your rechargeable battery pack in a pinch.

In addition, the Battery Boost also features a SD card storage functionality that allows you to store and transfer files, as well as a durable carabineer clip for connecting it to a keychain, bag, or other loop. This battery charger also features a battery status indicator light that shows you how much power you have left.

The Battery Boost is a welcome addition to the world of rechargeable batteries and battery chargers. Battery chargers for NiMH rechargeable batteries work great for mobile gadgets that allow you to use AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. But as you know, the vast majority of mobile phones on the market utilize Lithium Ion rechargeable battery packs. And even though the LiOn battery packs hold their charge well, the fact that mobile phones are constantly being half charged and drained makes them susceptible to memory effect.

Having a portable battery charger in your pocket is just about the best solution to this problem. Even if you buy a new battery pack for your mobile phone, it can never hurt to have an extra shot of emergency power on-hand.

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