New Sanyo Eneloop Bike Joins Growing List of Quirky Accessories

Since the acquisition of Sanyo Eneloop by Panasonic, the rechargeable batteries brand has been venturing into new products areas. But is this a good idea?

Rechargeable batteries are indeed great inventions: anytime you can buy something that is bound to last for a very, very long and ive you tons of quality and performance, then you’ve really found something. But there’s one problem with the rechargeable batteries: if you’re the company that makes them, you’re not going to sell nearly as many batteries in the long run as Duracell or Energizer.

Perhaps this is why Sanyo Eneloop has been expanding their product offerings to include a host of new gadgets and gizmos that utilize their industry-leading rechargeable batteries. We recently reported on Sanyo Eneloop’s innovative stick booster, which uses two AA rechargeable batteries to give a quick, sustained boost to any mobile gadget that has a drained battery. While it is not the first of its kind, Sanyo eneloop’s stick booster is proving to be a worthy accessory to the rechargeable batteries market.

However, some of the newer accessories that Sanyo Eneloop is producing are a bit more unusual.

Take, for example, the Sanyo Eneloop line of battery-powered warmers. Just like the stick booster, the Sany Eneloop warmer line uses Eneloop technology to power these new devices. However, the idea of heated, battery-powered apparel is nothing quite new: battery powered socks and gloves have been on the market for decades. while Eneloop does feature a battery powered hand warmer, they also have a waist and neck warmer as well, both of which have been reported to be rather uncomfortable and unnecessary; apparently, a scarf and jack work just as well, sans rechargeable batteries.

But if hand warmers didn’t seem a little far removed from Sanyo Eneloop’s primary focus of rechargeable batteries, then check out the new Sanyo Eneloop bicycle!

The Sanyo Eneloop bike uses a patented “loop charge function,” which uses the pedal power of the rider to charge a battery, which in turn can help assist the rider. Here’s the direct quote from Sanyo Eneloop’s press release: “Featuring a two-wheel drive system in which the rear wheel is driven by human pedaling power and the front tire is powered by motorized power, the electric hybrid bicycle is designed to offer the rider a safer, more stable ride.” the idea behind this design is to help riders get up steep hills without expending nearly the same amount of energy.

Just like the hand warmers, this new “assisted bike” design is not completely new — electric bikes have been around for years, and even before the small, electric motor on the front wheel, many mopeds used a similar hybrid approach to pedal power.

But the bigger question is, should Sanyo Eneloop be getting into the hand warmer and bicycle business?

This is a bigger question, of course, that is getting asked about a lot of different companies throughout the world. Google, for example, is now in the mobile phone business with the Droid. And even Apple is now making rechargeable batteries, as we’ve discussed on this blog. It seems to be a new business model, particularly for companies in the technology industry. And typically it is a hit or miss proposition.

For Sanyo Eneloop, they most certainly have little to lose if their new bicycle doesn’t take off in the market — they can always fall back on their rechargeable batteries, which are, after all, a staple in the electronics market. But Sanyo Eneloop has a lot of potential here to make a huge impact on the world of transportation: while more and more people are looking for a greener way to get around, the Eneloop bike could become the new way that people get from point A to point B.

The fact is, big companies like Sanyo Eneloop have the resources needed to make products that diverge from their staple products. And since the already have the rechargeable battery technology down, all they have to do is put a great bike around it.

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