New Sanyo Eneloop Rechargeable Batteries Boast Impressive Features

Sanyo Eneloop is the recognized leader in rechargeable battery technology. Now, it appears that the battery giant has improved on their already successful battery design.

There’s no doubt that Sanyo Eneloop are the most celebrated and popular NiMH rechargeable batteries in the world today. Partly because of an aggressive campaign and mostyl due to their high level of quality and performance, people who are serious about electronics turn to Sanyo Eneloop for AA and AAA rechargeable batteries. The popularity of the Sanyo Eneloop brand is an impressive feat, considering that the batteries have only been around since 2005.

Sanyo recently announced on its website that they have managed to improve on their already impressive rechargeable battery technology. Perhaps feeling the pressure from other competitive brands like Energizer, who are aggressively attacking the rechargeable battery market with designs of their own, Sanyo Eneloop is now boasting some impressive new features for their rechargeable batteries. Here is a quick summary of the added benefits you can expect from this new generation of Sanyo Eneloop batteries:

More Charging Cycles

The original Sanyo Eneloop design allowed for 1000 charging cycles, offering an ultra-long lifecycle for the avid electronics user. Sanyo has managed to increase this lifecycle with the new Eneloops. Now, you can squeeze 1,500 charges out of your AA and AAA Sanyo Eneloops, easily making their rechargeable battery technology the longest lasting on the electronics market today.

Improved Self Discharge

All rechargeable batteries experience a self-discharge when they sit for a long period of time without being recharged. That being said, Sanyo Eneloop has always led the way with one of the lowest self-discharge rates. The new design, however, has taken that self-discharge rate down even lower. The new Eneloops allow you to store them for 3 years and still retain 75% of their charge capacity. This is a vast improvement over the original design, which only held 55% of its charge after 3 years.

High Performance In Low Temperatures

Temperature is always a factor with batteries: you have to be careful about using them in extreme environments. Very cold temperatures typically reduce the performance of NiMH rechargeable batteries, but the new Sanyo Eneloops have improved on this limitation. Before, the Eneloop was suitable for temperatures as low as -10°C — an impressive number in its own right. Now, however, Sanyo Eneloops perform even as low as -20°C. This increase may not be germane to the average rechargeable battery user, but for scientists, researchers, and explorers who work in arctic regions, as well as possible space expeditions in the future, this is an important improvement.

More Environmentally Friendly

Many people use rechargeable batteries as a means of doing their part to support sustainable energy and reduce toxic dumping. Sanyo Eneloop has embraced this ethic as well with their new rechargeable battery design. Whereas Sanyo Eneloops received their initial factory charge from standard energy sources, the new Eneloop is even more environment-friendly as it is pre-charged with solar energy in Japan. This new development is bound to make a splash with environmentalists worldwide.

And while these new environmental standards have been put into place for the new Sanyo Eneloop, the batteries still offer the same level of power and output, featuring a nominal voltage of 1,2 V, a rating capacity of 2000 mAh for the AA, and a rating capacity of 800 mAh for the AAA.

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