New Vapex Battery Charger Delivers On Features & Value

vapex battery chargerRechargeable battery users often have to choose between a value-priced battery charger with few features, or a feature-rich charger with a big price tag. But Vapex‘s new battery charger delivers on both.

The good thing about the rechargeable battery market is that most of the top manufacturers make it easy for people to get started on their battery collection by offering low-priced battery chargers. you’ve seen them before: those reasonably-priced starter packs, which usually include 4 AA rechargeable batteries and a very basic slow charger, usually with a simple LED indicator to let you know when the batteries are done charging. It’s a good business model for the big NiHM rechargeable battery companies like Sanyo Eneloop, Vapex, and Energizer: since the battery charger is the most expensive up-front investment, make a cheap one to onboard new users.

But it doesn’t take long before most users grow tired of the slow, uneven charges that some of these start battery chargers deliver.

Particularly if you depend on rechargeable batteries for serious photography, powering portable gear for outdoor activities, or other critical battery tasks, you quickly realize that having a high-performance battery charger is critical. These types of battery chargers — known as “smart chargers” or “battery conditioners” — offer a much higher eshelon of features and performance: they charge each battery individually, charge 8+ batteries at once, condition each battery, conduct discharges if needed, and give you an individual LED readout of each battery’s progress. In essence, these smart chargers are like 8 chargers in one — one for each battery.

The thing is, with more features and performance also comes price.

vapex battery charger with car adaptorThat’s why we’re especially excited with this new Vapex VTE8000 Super-Smart Fast NiMH NiCd AA/AAA Battery Charger that we’re stocking right now. The title alone is impressive: it offer super-fast, super-smart charging for both NiMH and NiCD AA and AAA rechargeable batteries, all in a unit that conditions and charges each battery individually, offering temperature control and individual LED readouts.

The Vapex VTE8000 also features all of the safety controls you could ask for: a smart 12 bit microprocessor controlled to increase rechargeable battery lifespan; a safety Timer, overload, overheat and over voltage protection; Delta V Control, which detects when charged and switches to trickle charge to avoid over charging; and non rechargeable battery detection. Add to this the fact that the VTE8000 meets all Australian safety standards, and it becomes apparent that it delivers all of the premium features that you could ask for in a AA/AAA charger.

They also make an alternate version of the battery charger that features a car adaptor. This version is particularly impressive, since it allows users to bring high-level battery charging and conditioning with them on outdoor excursions where electricity is not readily available.

But what’s particularly impressive is the price.

At $39.99 on the Electronics Warehouse website, it’s a significant value for all of the features that it offers. Whereas many users may balk at the prices of high-end battery chargers, the nice thing about the VTE8000’s price tag is that it puts itself in a comfortable price range for just about every level of rechargeable battery user — including you.

Thanks for reading our article! The VTE8000 is now in stock on the Electronics Warehouse website! Click here to purchase today! As an added bonus, use promo code EWBLOG at checkout for an additional 10% off your purchase, plus fast, FREE shipping Australia wide! Go!

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