Power Outages From Bushfires Underscore Need For Rechargeable Battery Power

Recent power outages caused by bushfires spreading across Australia this season underscore the importance of having rechargeable battery power on hand.

There is no question that the recent spate of bushfires across Australia has caused an immense amount of damage to people’s lives. The fires themselves have destroyed a countless amount of natural land as well as houses and investments. But the fires have also been reported to have caused power outages, due to electrical poles catching fire and burning is critical electrical junctions for communities.

The Geelong Advertiser reports that: “Powercor this morning confirmed more than 3000 homes and business were affected between about 11pm and 3am.┬áDamien Batey from Powercor said the outage was caused by a change in weather which sparked the fire, causing extensive damage to the power pole.” with dry weather conditions and wind blowing bushfires in a random and unpredictable manner, more and more residents are finding themselves with out power.

Now more than ever, having rechargeable battery power on hand is critically necessary.

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Unlike a strong storm, which if often reported ahead of time, giving residents time to prepare for possible power outages, the randomness and unpredictability of bushfires spreading in Australia mean that power outages can occur at any point — even if the fires themselves are not critically close to your town or community. In order to keep a household up and running during an unforeseen power outage, the most obvious choice is a portable, petrol power generator. A generator such as this allows households to run appliances and well pumps, and provides enough power to keep lights on.

An alternative choice is the use of solar panels. Solar panels utilise Australia’s abundant sunlight and can provide just enough electricity to get a household through a period of power outages.

However, not everyone can afford the costly investment of solar panels, or even the expensive initial investment of a power generator. In this case, the best choice is an investment in rechargeable batteries. Rechargeable battery power can allow you to keep torches lit — even larger, lantern-style torches that can light up an entire room. Investing in a few of these torches — which usually use C- or D-call rechargeable batteries — are enough to deal with no power.

After the power is restored, rechargeable batteries can be recharged and stored for use in the event that there is another power outage.

It remains to be seen how long Australia will suffer from the recent bushfires. But until the weather and conditions change, be sure to keep safe, stock up on necessary safety equipment, and invest in rechargeable batteries as needed.

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