Premium, Protective iPad Case Debuts In Australia

Of all the iPad cases we have reviewed on the market, this one gives the most protection.

Uniea's Omniverse iPad Case - FrontiPad fever has hit Australia. Pound for pound, Australia’s iPad craze has been just as strong as it was in the U.S. and Europe, with a reported 35,000 iPads selling out across Australia in the first weekend it debuted. Apple is quite hush-hush with early sales numbers of its new gizmos, but recently they reported that they have sold 3 million iPads worldwide, and expect to sell 10 million by the end of 2010.

Australia will most definitely continue to be part of that fervour.

Now that many Apple and gadget enthusiasts in Australia have snatched up their new toy, the next step is to load up on accessories. iPad apps make up the “internal” accessories for the breakthrough tablet, but as far as external accessories go, most people are searching for the perfect iPad case. Australia has benefitted in part from the delayed release of the device, since all of the major case manufactures, from Belkin and Case-logic to Griffin and iFrogz, were slow to come out with iPad case designs. However, the late May release of the iPad correlated perfectly with the releases of a new host of iPad cases from all of the major manufacturers.

A Wide Range of iPad Case Designs

The first round of iPad cases look and feel very much like the field of iPhone and iPod Touch cases currently on the market. For most of the designs we’ve looked at, the new iPad cases are nothing more than retro-engineered versions iPhone 3Gs cases. Most of these iPhone-inspired cases are shell cases that come in a variety of colours and construction materials, such as leather, silicone, and polycarbonate plastic. Our early experiences with these “new” shell-based iPad cases, however, is that they are extremely light on protection. Aside from protecting against scratches and dirt, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an iPad case that will protect your gadget from suffering damage from a nasty drop.

Uniea also revisited an older case design of theirs for their first iPad case offering. But instead of enlarging one of their iPhone shell cases, they instead opted to trick out one of their flagship laptop/netbook case designs — the Omniverse. Uniea’s Omniverse is actually quite an interesting line of universal-fit cases, ranging from 13″ laptop totes to small, 2.5″ portable hard drive cases. While the features and specs of the cases vary from model to model, one key design element remains with all of them: they feature memory foam insulation for the ultimate in drop protection.

Shopping for the Best iPad Case? Put Protection at the Top of your List

Through our own initial experiences with the iPad, we’re convinced that it will get pretty beat up over the course of its use. Wether you live in Australia, the U.S., or Europe, you’ll find that the iPad gets handled a lot more, and because the device is much bigger than a handheld phone or PDA, it’s prone to getting dropped.

Uniea’s Omniverse iPad case seems to offer the best set of features that iPad users are looking for in an iPad case.Uniea's Omniverse iPad case - open

It is by far one of the best-made iPad cases on the market, featuring memory foam construction that conforms to the shape of the iPad. This means that if the worst actually happens and your iPad takes a fall, when it hits the ground, the memory foam not only absorbs the impact, but also makes sure that there is no extra empty space between the case and gadget, offering even more protection from drop damage.

Uniea's Omniverse iPad case - corner flaps

Corner flaps on Uniea's Omniverse iPad case keeps your iPad in place.

Another nice feature of the Omniverse iPad case is that, unlike most totes or sleeves — which the Omniverse can function as both — the Omniverse actually lets you use your iPad while it is still in the case. The rugged zipper enclosure zips open 200 degrees, allow you to fold over the front flap and use the iPad freely. The iPad itself stays secure by way of four stretch-nylon corner flaps that keep the tablet in place.

A Premium iPad Case with Rugged Construction

Despite the sophistication of Apple technology, their gadgets are known to be pretty tough and durable. The same must be true for whatever iPad case you choose to use for your iPad. After all, you would like to think that your iPad case case last as long as the iPad itself!

So far, we’ve found the Uniea Omniverse iPad case to be incredibly built. The case comes in two styles — a smooth silk fiber material, and a rugged, canvas-like nylon as well. The silk fiber model is the far superior-looking iPad case, with square cross-stitching on the entire exterior, giving it quite a sophisticated look. In spite of the delicate-looking stitch patterns, there are no loose threads or shoddy workmanship to be seen. All of the materials as well as the assembly looks top-notch. The Omniverse is definitely what you would call a premium iPad case.

Premium = Price. But it’s a Small Price To Pay for Quality

Cases like the Uniea Omniverse iPad case run a bit higher in the price category than many other iPad shell cases. There’s a simple explanation for this: the quality and effectiveness of the product. After all, most shell cases are nothing more than a flimsy, coated piece of molded plastic. There is very little that the case manufacturers have to do in order to produce them.

Uniea’s Omniverse case is built much more like a piece of premium luggage, with strong stitching and high-grade materials. Just the memory foam alone is an investment. In addition, the Omniverse has many added features, such as stowable tote handles, rugged double zippers, and durable inner corner flaps that keep your iPad in place. In short, you’re getting a premium iPad case versus a piece of cheap plastic. Is your iPad worth a couple of extra dollars for a top-notch iPad case?

Put Your Money Where it Counts — in a Protective iPad Case

Simply put, there is no reason to buy a case for your iPad unless it is going to protect it. The iPad itself comes housed in a strong PC polycarbonate body, and it looks and feels great. Why bother buying a shell case that is simply putting plastic on top of plastic?

We truly believe that the best iPad protection for Australian users has to be Uniea’s Omniverse iPad case for now. Perhaps other designers will come forward with similar designs, but as of right now, Uniea is leading the pack for iPad cases with the Omniverse.

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    Love the bag. Lots of places to put things. Only complaint is I can’t get the shoulder strap to stay on my shoulder.

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