Product Review: Uniea’s Omniverse iPad Case

Uniea retro-fits one of their top-selling laptop cases for iPad case duty. But does it live up to expectations?

Uniea's Omniverse iPad case - frontWhen you start researching cases for gadgets, you quickly realize that creativity doesn’t dominate the consumer electronics accessories market. Although there are a myriad of different colors and textures to be found, most iPhone, iPod, and laptop cases utilize the same basic designs.

Moreover, when a new gadget debuts on the market, most case designers simply take an older design and retro-engineer it to fit the new dimensions. A perfect example of this are the current crop of iPad cases. When the iPad debuted, case designers had little time to prepare new case designs. So, they just borrowed their iPhone case designs and made them a little bit bigger. Simply stated, most of these cases are nothing more than overgrown iPhone 3Gs cases.

Uniea, however, started from a different place when it designed its first new iPad case. Rather than drawing from iPhone 3Gs case designs, they looked to their ever-popular Omniverse line of laptop cases, scaling down their 10.2″ netbook case to accomodate the 9.56 inch (242.8 mm) iPad.

Laptop-level Protection in an iPad Case

If you recall Steve Jobs’ landmark unveiling of the iPad back in January 2010, then you’ll remember that he spent a lot of time hyping how the iPad wouldUniea's Omniverse iPad case - open essentially deep-six the netbook market. Uniea seemed to be listening, and responded with an iPad case that works much like what you’d expect from a small netbook case. The Omniverse, unlike the vast majority of iPad cases on the market right now, is a padded iPad case. It features an inner memory foam padding, which allows it to take on the exact shape of the iPad. This, together with the unparalleled impact resistance of memory foam, make the padding in the Omniverse iPad case the best bet for protecting your iPad from drop damage.

An iPad Case with Total Access to the iPad

Usually, totes and sleeves give people the most protection and least access to their laptop or netbook. The folks at Uniea, however, combined the protection of a tote and sleeve with the access that a shell case gives handheld gadget users. The Omniverse iPad case features a zipper enclosure that zips open 200 degrees, and corner flaps inside the case that keep the iPad secure. This means that you can zip open the iPad case and use the iPad while it is still resting safely in the case.

The iPad Tote that also Doubles as a Sleeve

Uniea's Omniverse iPad case - tote handlesThe Omniverse iPad case is basically an iPad tote, featuring two rugged handles at the top for easy carrying. Many people, however, find that tote handles can be an annoyance when stowing a tote case in another bag. The good news about the Omniverse is that the tote handles can be easily stowed inside the case, transforming it into a protective sleeve that can be easily slipped in and out of any bag, backpack, or briefcase. Together with its zip-open access, the Omniverse gives iPad users the access and versatility of a tote, sleeve, and shell case all in one!

Protection, Versatility, and Style

Electronics cases in the past have offered so little in the way of protection and features. The Uniea Omniverse iPad case, however, offers laptop case-like protection and features with the look, feel, and versatility that you’d find with an iPhone or iPod Touch case. It is by far one of the most impressive iPad cases on the market thus far.

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