RC Enthusiasts Rejoice


If you’re a fan of Remote Control (RC) devices, or even just a weekend warrior, you know how important your battery is. You would not spend painstaking hours refining your vehicle, be it boat, plane, car, or helicopter and then not put premium petrol into it. Nor do you want an inferior battery in your RC equipment.

The people at Ansmann agree.

If you have been buying your rc batteries from an inferior retailer, and then upgraded to a premium battery, you know how much better your RC devices perform. You know that to get the best response time, power, performance, and durability out of your machine, you need a batttery that can make it purr, make it hum, or make it roar. You also know that a bargain battery will give you less power over less time.

Ansmann is Scientifically Backed

Every battery is ultimately made in a lab. There are brilliant men and women that never seem to see the light of day that compose the chemical compounds that make up your NiMH, LiIon, LIPO, and NiCAD batteries. Ansmann has hired some of the finest minds in the business. They are a german based company, and anyone that has any experience in engineering knows that Germany is second to none.

Ansmann is Field Tested

We weren’t content with Ansmann’s claims to be one of the premier RC battery manufacturers in the world. Anyone can issue a press release lauding themselves as the best in the field. Anyone can proclaim themselves to be the best dancer, the greatest light heavyweight boxer, or the world’s finest lover. That is all just talk until they get on the floor, into the ring, or into the bed.

Last week we took a look at the Ansmann AA batteries. We ran them through the ringer to see if they could match up with tried-and-true rechargeable battieries like the Sanyo Eneloop. They performed miraculously, as well as boasted a reduced price tag.

This was important to us, because a bad battery will make a bad battery pack every time. We knew we could trust these little powerhounds to produce when they were by themselves. But how were they when they had to work together in a battery pack?

Ansmann does Not Blow Smoke

Ansmann has made claims to be one of the strongest batteries for RC enthusiasts of every stripe, and they take that market seriously. They have entire websites dedicated to their RC community, whether you prefer Nitro, Electric, or Brushless, they want to earn your business, and they want your feedback.

The Ansmann rc batttery packs performed above industry standard at every turn. They were solid when it came to off-the-line power, pickup speed, and duration. Different sizes showed little or no performance degredation, and their long-term charge capacity after 100 charges was nearly 97%. If you like your RC devices, you know that degredation is important because you don’t want to have to buy a new pack after only a few months. You want a battery that is going to be around for lots of hours of RC enjoyment. Ansmann delivers.

They want to be in your RC Devices

It was important to us that Ansmann took their RC community seriously. It showed that they wanted to be more than just a plug-and-play battery, but that they wanted to know what their customers were into, how the batteries were used, and how they can improve. They really want to be part of your world, not just your machines.

Thanks for reading our article! Be sure to take a look at Electronics Warehouse’s wide range of rc batteries online. As an added bonus, use promo code EWBLOG at checkout for 10% off your entire order, plus fast, free shipping Australia wide, just for reading this article!

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