Rumor: iPhone 5 Rechargeable Battery Leaked, But Will It Have Enough mAh?

iphone-5-rechargeable-battery-leakUsers have complained that the iPhone 4S’s battery was underpowered. Now, a purported leaked iPhone 5 rechargeable battery pack shows that its capacity has increased only marginally. Will it be enough to power the iPhone 5’s rumored, new features?

Ever since the iPhone 4S was released, Apple fans have been waiting with bated breath to see any tidbit of news about what the iPhone 5 would be like. As always, Apple has been tight-lipped about their development program. We have been getting releases in drips and drabs, which we consumed with the fervor of true fans. The latest news on the iPhone 5 has shown us the back plate of the device, as well as the projections for the battery. They have us a little concerned.

There is no denying the new iPhone 5 battery pictures make it look slick and sleek, which is happy news. The problem is that the capacity rating is only 1440 mAh. This is only a 10 mAh improvement over the 4S, which has a solid 1430 mAh, which was also a 10 mAh jump from the iPhone 4’s 1420 mAh.

Don’t misunderstand, 1440 is a fine mAh rating for a rechargeable, and should give it a reasonable amount of talk / web time. Our worry is that it will not be enough for the new 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) networks that Verizon and AT&T are using, which are huge power drains. With these 4G LTE networks sucking the life out of every phone, 1440 hardly seems like enough juice to keep going all day.

The other problem is that a 10 mAh jump is not really going to blow anyone’s hair back. The iPhone 3 had an 1150 mAh battery, and the 3GS had 1219. Apple is going from moving forward by leaps and bounds to shuffling along, and we’re not thrilled about paying for it. If they are not going to provide a battery that has truly sustainable life, then the large price tag that the iPhone 5 will carry is also going to require the extra expenditure for a backup charger, just so we can stay connected from morning until night.

It should be noted that there has been some talk in the tech community that the iPhone 5 will not need a larger battery. Instead of upping the battery capacity, there are whispers that the dual-core system chip will be able to handle the LTE network speeds without the severe energy drain that is seen in most LTE devices. There is also some talk that Apple is going to be employing the next generation of the Qualcomm Gobi chips that have a lower battery drain.

Since the iPhone 5 will invariably release with multiple models, it is well within the realm of conjecture to assume that the battery information being released might not even be intended for the LTE version of the iPhone 5 and could be for the simpler, “budget” model that will have a lesser storage capacity and use the basic High Speed Packet Access (HSPA) connectivity.

It is also possible that Apple is toying with us. This could be nothing more than a red herring to keep the ravenous technical community – that would be us – from digging too greedily or too deep. Apple has a knack for not only being more secretive than the ASIS; they are also very good at confusion, obfuscation, smoke and mirrors. This could very easily be a release to send us clamoring in the wrong direction. While we could cry foul, they could be laughing behind their hands only to later dazzle us with something totally unexpected.

Either way, we’ll keep our ear to the ground and one eye on those Apple scamps.

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